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AEW Full Gear results: Hangman Adam Page beat Kenny Omega to win AEW World Championship

In the main event of AEW Full Gear, Kenny Omega put his AEW World Championship on the line against “Hangman” Adam Page.

The match started with both men trading chops and Page hitting a hard lariat in the corner of the ring. Callis caused a distraction by grabbing Page’s boot and thus allowing Omega to take over on offense.

The pace picked up about 10 minutes into the match. Hangman turned things around with some high risk moves, including a backflip off the top and onto Omega on the floor. Back in the ring, Hangman hit a brainbuster and followed up with a pin attempt.

Omega surprised Page with a springboard Liger bomb off the top rope, followed by consecutive snap dragon suplexes. Omega hit another snap dragon but this one was on the ring apron. Omega hit a v-trigger and then he tried the One Winged Angel but Page turned into a victory roll. Page then hit a release German suplex but Omega landed on his feet and then Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98, followed by a pin attempt. Omega opened up a cut by biting Page’s head but Page did the same to Omega to open him up.

Page hit an avalanche Blockbuster off the top rope, followed up with a pin attempt. Page leaped off the top of the ring post to hit a clothesline onto Omega and through a table on the floor. Page went for the Buckshot Lariat but Omega’s knees gave out on him. Page went for a v-trigger but Omega moved but Page hit a rolling elbow and a pop up powerbomb. Page went for the Bucshot but Omega moved the referee in the way. Callis went in the ring for the distraction but it didn’t work and Hangman hit the Deadeye. Referee Aubrey Edwards ran in to make the count but Omega kicked out. Both men traded forearms and punches and kicks. Omega hit several punches and knee strikes but Page caught the last knee strike and countered with seveal strikes but Omega hit a knee trigger. Page hit a rolling elbow and Omega came back with a strike and kicks the head. Omega powered through and hit a powerful lariat. The Young Bucks walked out to ringside as Omega hit a backdrop driver. Page no sold it and hit his own backdrop driver. Omega went for the Buckshot but Omega hit the V-trigger but Page escaped the One Winged Angel. Page hit the One Winged Angel but Omega kicked out.Nick Jackson teased doing something but he backed off and Page hit the Buckshot to the back of Omega’s head. Matt teased interfering but nodded as Page hit the Buckshot Lariat to win the match.

The Dark Order went out to the ring to celebrate.

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