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AEW Full Gear results: Hangman Page vs. PAC


Hangman Page vs. Pac was the second match at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view from Baltimore, MD.

They started off fast for the first minute or so and then things slowed down for a few minutes. Jim Ross said Page takes too many risks and he's a meat and potatoes guy who shouldn't be doing high-risk moves.

Late in the match, PAC was able to execute a brainbuster onto a chair sitting at ringside by the barricade. It looked pretty brutal. Page had welts on his back. He barely made it back into the ring before the referee counted to 10. PAC nailed Page with a shotgun dropkick off the top rope. Page kicked out of the pin attempt.

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At 15 minutes into the match, Page was able to take over on offense. He hit a fallaway slam off the top rope. Page went for the Buckshot Lariat but PAC caught him with a kick. Page fought back and then tried for the Deadeye but PAC countered into the Brutalizer submission. Page dropped to one knee as he tried to fight off. They fell into the ropes so the hold was broken.

PAC went for the Black Arrow off the top but Page moved. Page went for the Buckshot Lariat but PAC held onto the referee. Page hit a forearm and a nasty looking clothesline. Page hit the Deadeye and pinned PAC.

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