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AEW Full Gear results: Hikaru Shida retains, Vickie Guerrero not happy with Nyla Rose

Hikaru Shida put her AEW Women’s Championship on the line against Nyla Rose at AEW Full Gear.

Shida started off with some running dropkicks and a running knee strike in the first few seconds of the match. As the match went to ringside, Shida tried to launch herself for an offensive move off a chair but Rose caught her with a clothesline. Aubrey Edwards stopped Rose from trying to use a table and a chair as a weapon. Shida had time to recover so she could hit a running knee that knocked Rose through the barricade. Vickie Guerrero bashed Shida’s knee with a kendo stick and that allowed Rose to take over the match.

Shida had trouble throughout the rest of the match because of the issue with her right knee. Late in the match, Rose did her trademark diving knee drop onto the back of Shida’s knee while Shida was draped over the top rope. Shida went for a move off the top but Shida stopped her by ramming Rose’s heat into the turnbuckle pad and then following up with a kick to the face that knocked Rose onto the rampway. Shida then hit a diving dropkick from the top rope and a missle dropkick off the top on Rose in the ring into a pin attempt. Shida was still favoring her right knee as JR wondered when her knee would give out.

Rose hit the Beast Bomb but she pulled Shida up during he pin attempt and then she hit a running knee but Shida kicked out at one during the pin attempt. Shida fought back with a back body drop and running knee strike in the corner. Shida then hit an Avalanche Falcon Arrow off the top but Shida taunted Rose by pulling her up before the three count. Shida went for a move off the topes but Guerrero grabbed her and that distraction allowed Rose to get back up. Shida shoved Rose into Guerrero as the ref took a kendo stick away from Guerrero. Shida hit a Falcon Arrow but Rose kicked out. Shida hit a running kick and Rose kicked out of the pin attempt. Shida followed up with a running kick to the back and several kicks to the face. That was enough for her to pin Rose and retain her title.

After the match, Guerrero yelled at Rose and slapped her. Guerrero was not happy about Rose not following with the plan.

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