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AEW Full Gear results: Hurricane Helms and Gangrel appeared in wild Elite Deletion match

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara faced off in an Elite Deletion Match at the Hardy Compound at AEW Full Gear.

It started with Matt on the phone talking to someone and saying that he would need them if he called them later.

Guevara showed up in a golf cart and hologram Broken Matt appeared to welcome him. Matt then teleported into a monster truck to crush the golf cart as Guevara ran off. Guevara then snuck up on Matt and hit him with a trash can.

They fought their way through a wooded area and towards Matt's house and the announcers provided commentary. The fight continued as they made their way to a wrestling ring. Hardy put Guevara through a table but Santana and Ortiz appeared to break up the pin attempt and to attack Hardy.

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Private Party ran out to the ring to take out Santana and Ortiz as Hardy grabbed some projectile fireworks and ran off with them. Hardy fired off the fireworks and Guevara did the same in Hardy's direction as Private Party and Santana/Ortiz continued to fight in the ring.

Hardy was about to put Guevara into the lake of Reincarnation but Gangrel appeared and Hurricane Helms appeared but he was tossed into the lake by Guevara. Roving reporter Gregory Helms appeared and then was thrown into the lake.

The match continued in the ring and Hurri8cane appeared again to join everyone in the ring. Guevara chased Hardy into the Dome of Deletion shed and they brawled as the door closed to lock them in. They made their way into a ring inside the dome and the ring had a ladder and table inside of it. Guevara dismantled the ropes and used them to choke out Hardy but Hardy wouldn't tap out so Guevara set him up on the table in the ring. Guevara then hit a Swanton Bomb off the top and through Hardy and the table but Hardy kicked out of the pin attempt.

Guevara went for another move but Hardy countered into the Twist of Fate and then he speared Guevara off the ring and through a table at ringside. Hardy launched a chair at Guevara's head for payback for what happened to him months ago. Hardy then set up Guevara on his stomach and then smashed a chair over his head. Hardy pinned Guevara to win the Elite Deletion match.

Private Party helped Hardy put Guevara into a trash bin and Hardy then wheeled it out onto the back of a pickup truck. Senor Benjamin drove off and Reby Hardy was shown playing the piano.

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