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At AEW Full Gear, Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal faced Sting & Darby Allin in Jarrett's first match for the company.

Jarrett came out to the ring with people dressed in black wearing Sting masks. The action started with Darby taking out Lethal and the people in masks with a baseball bat. Sting appeared behind Jarrett. Jarrett begged Sting not to hurt him and the match got officially started. 

The match spilled into the crowd and they fought all around the arena. Early on, Allin did a Coffin drop off a ladder onto Jarrett but he was caught by Satnam Singh and dropped on the ramp. The spot looked really crazy.

Moments later, Sting did a dive off the upper level onto Singh as Jarrett and Allin moved back into the ring. Singh got involved again by chokeslamming Sting in the ring. Moments later, Allin went for a coffin drop on Lethal but was nailed in the back by Jarrett's guitar. Darby then popped right up for the babyface comeback.

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Singh tried to interfere again bt Sting and Allin hit a combination Scorpion Death Drop/Coffin Drop move. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but Sting countered into the Scorpion Death Drop and then Allin hit the Coffin Drop to pin Lethal and win the match. 

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