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AEW Full Gear results: Jon Moxley retains in brutal main event

In the main event of AEW Full Gear, Jon Moxley put his AEW World Title on the line in an “I Quit” Match against Eddie Kingston.

They started off with a slugfest as Mox delivered several blows to the face and then they traded chops to the chest. Kingston tried to set up a chair but was caught when Mox hit a tope suicida through the ropes onto Kingston at ringside and the fight continued around the ringside area and into the seats.

The camera showed that Mox’s head was bleeding as they made their way back to the ring. Mox used a barbed wire back across the front and back of Kingston. Mox also used the barbed wire bat across Kingston’s forehead to cut him open. Kingston fought back with a pair of backdrops and a chair to the face and back.

Kingston then took a piece of barbed wire off the bat and wrapped it around his hand and then punched Mox in the head. Kingston locked Mox in a kimura lock but Mox bit Kingston in the leg to break the hold. Kingston brought a bag of thumbtacks and poured them in the corner of the ring.  Kingston hit two consecutive German suplexes but Mox popped up with a running clothesline. Mox went for a Paradigm Shift but Kingston countered and slammed Mox’s back onto the thumbtacks.

Kingston then poured rubbing alcohol on Moxley’s back that was punctured by the tacks. Kingston then locked in a Bulldog Choke and then some crossface shots and knees to the body but Mox countered into a sleeper and his own Bulldog Choke and Paradigm Shift. Mox then locked in the Bulldog Choke with barbed wire and that was enough to force Kingston to say “I Quit.”

Mox tried to help Kingston up but he refused and walked off on his own to the back. Mox’s next challenger Kenny Omega walked out to get a look at the champ.

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