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The Steel Cage match between "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry and Luchasaurus kicked off the main card for AEW Full Gear. Christian Cage was at ringside for the match.

Very early in the match, Perry was busted open after Luchasaurus sent him head first into the cage. Luchasaurus dominated for several minutes by sending Perry into different sides of the cage. Cage grabbed the key out of the pocket of the outside referee. He tried to open the door but was then escorted out by security.

Luchasaurus got out of the cage and a fight broke out at ringside. Luchasaurus catapulted Perry into the side of the cage. Luchasaurus brought a table and chairs into the ring. Perry recovered and took over on offense until Luchasaurus hit a back body drop on the apron. Perry came back with a springboard off a chair into a Destroyer and the Killswitch. Luchasaurus kicked out. Perry went for a move off the ropes but Luchasaurus caught him with a chokeslam through a chair. Perry countered a move off the top rope into an avalanche sliced bread but Luchasaurus kept getting up. 

Perry fought back with open hand slaps and a piledriver. There were a few more near falls but the biggest spot of the match was Perry diving off the top rope with an elbow through Luchasaurus who was laid out on a table. Perry forced him to tap out and he won the match. Perry hugged his mother and sister after the match. Great match.

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