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AEW Full Gear results: live coverage

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Full Gear
November 13, 2021
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN

We are live with ongoing coverage of AEW Full Gear. As always, we will post results on this page immediately after every match. Refresh this page often or click here.

Tony Khan has described this show as having the most stacked card of the year with star power in every match. We haven't heard about surprises on this show but there's a rumor about a new wrestler seen in town that could debut tonight.

The first 30 minutes of The Buy-In pre-show was basically a replay of the Countdown to Full Gear that aired last night on TNT after AEW Rampage.

Before the first Buy In match, Tony Schiavone conducted an in-ring interview with Dante Martin to talk about the offer he received from Team Taz. Martin was quickly interrupted by The Acclaimed. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens tried to recruit Martin but the offer was declined and Martin took them both out with a springboard dive off the top rope.

The Buy In
Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter and Nyla Rose

Rosa and Rose started the match. A minute in, Shida tagged in. Rose took some punishment for a few minutes before finally being able to turn things around so she could tag Hayter. Rosa tagged in and hit Hayter with slaps to the chest in the corner but Hayter powered her way back on offense. Shida then tagged in and hit a flurry of offense but Shida crashed through the ropes because of Rose holding the middle rope open. Serena Deeb was shown watching at ringside. Rose and Hayter dominated Shida for several minutes as Rosa looked on from her corner of the ring. At one point, Rose almost won the match after hitting a splash off the top but Rosa broke up the pin. Shida won the match with a roll up on Rose.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviewed Orange Cassidy and Best Friends.

Back at the arena, Justin Roberts introduced Jim Ross.

Main Card

Darby Allin vs. MJF

During his entrance, MJF forced Justin Roberts to say that MJF can beat Darby with a headlock takeover. The match got started with some chain wrestling, thus proving that Darby can actually wrestle.

Darby took over the match after hitting a running dive through the ropes. Darby went for the coffin drop but MJF moved and Darby's back crashed on the ring apron. MJF played up like he hurt his knee as he worked over Darby's back. MJF tried a piledriver off the middle rope but Darby countered into the stunner. Darby was not able to go for the pin because of his bad back.

Darby tried a code red but MJF powered out and powerbombed him into a pin attempt. MJF then locked in the Sharpshooter/Scorpion Death Lock but Darby was able to break free. Moments later, Darby locked in the figure four to work over MJF's bad knee. MJF broke free and hit a tombstone piledriver on Darby on the ring apron. At the same time, MJF hurt his knee again.

There was an incredible sequence of pin attempts with about a dozen or so total attempts from both men that led to the fans giving them a standing ovation. Darby hit a coffin drop to MJF onto the floor and another in the ring but MJF got the knees up. Shawn Spears and Wardlow walked out to interfere but Sting took them out with bat and chair shots.

Back in the ring, MJF hit Darby with a kick to the face but MJF crumbled because of the pain in his bad knee. MJF grabbed Darby's skateboard and he gave it to Darby so he could use it and get disqualified. Darby refused and gave it to the referee but MJF used the diamond ring and then pinned Darby after executing an inside headlock, just like he said he would.

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Lucha Brothers (Champions) vs. FTR

There were lots of quick high impact moves, including an assisted cannonball from the Lucha Bros. onto both members of FTR in the corner of the ring.

Tully Blanchard caused a distraction that almost won the match for his team. Cash Wheeler tied Penta's mask to the bottom rope and that allowed Dax to land some kicks to the body. Dax took control of the match on Penta for the next few minutes. Penta hit a back body drop so he could tag Fenix but the referee didn't see the tag.

Penta hit a DDT on Dax and then finally made the hot tag to Fenix. Fenix hit a double cutter into a pin attempt on Dax. Fenix then walked the ropes and hit a kick to the head on Dax. Dax hit a brainbuster on Fenix after Cash hit him in the head with a AAA belt but Fenix kicked out. Dax got some help from Tully Blanchard and turned things around momentarily with the Three Amigos suplexes but Penta countered and hit his own suplexes as the fans chanted for "Eddie." Fenix hit the Frog Splash off the top but Dax kicked out.

There was another near fall after FTR hit a stuffed piledriver on Fenix. Cash put on the Super Ranas mask to confuse the referee. Penta pinned Cash, despite the fact that Cash was the illegal man.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final
Bryan Danielson vs. Miro

Miro shrugged off some of the early uppercuts and kicks to the body from Danielson. Miro countered a dive from Danilson to ringside and then tossed Danielson on his back on the floor.

Back in the ring, Miro worked over Danielson with kicks to the head and body in the corner of the ring. Danielson fought back with chops and kicks to the body and two running dropkicks but Miro hit a Samoan drop into a near fall. Miro then shoved Danielson into the corner ring post and to the ringside area.

Danielson fought back and then brought Miro back into the ring so he could hit a shotgun dropkick off the top rope. Danielson locked in a kneebar but Miro powered out of it and then hit a deadlift gutwrench suplex. He followed up with a release German suplex that forced Danielson to land on his shoulder. Miro tried a move but his leg gave out and Danielson came back with knees and stomps to the head and neck. Danielson tried the running knee but Miro caught him and slammed him before going for the pin attempt.

Miro locked in the Game Over submission but Danielson made it to the bottom rope. Miro went for it again but Danielson rolled out of it and then he locked Miro in the Lebelle Lock but Miro broke free. Miro hammered Danielson with hard forearms but Danielson locked in a triangle submission and Miro broke free by gouging Danielson in the eyes. Both men traded hard forearms and kicks to the body. Both men traded forearms on the top rope and then Danielson hit a DDT and then forced Miro to submit.

Falls Count Anywhere
Christian Cage and Jurassic Express vs. SuperKliq (Adam Cole and Young Bucks)

Jurassic Express and Cage wore street clothes and the Superkliq were dressed in pink and Nick Jackson had part of his mustache dyed pink. Luchasaurus hit a moonsault on Matt and Nick in the opening seconds of the match. Jungle Boy used a chair on Cole and it was legal, per the match rules.

Cage went for the first pin attempt after hitting the reverse DDT on Cole but the pin was broken up. Luchasaurus hit a double German suplex on both Matt and Nick at the same time. Jungle Boy hit a German suplex and two dives onto Cole but was hit with a trash can but Matt and Nick on the third dive. Jurassic Express recovered and put Cole through a chair at ringside. Cole was busted open on the chair spot. Jungle Boy had the chance to end the match with a con chair to on Cole but he hesitated as Christian and Nick Jackson fought their way to the backstage area.

Matt Jackson hit a flurry of kicks but Jungle Boy recovered enough to give a hurricanrana onto Cole through a table and Matt Jackson hit a diving Randy Savage elbow onto Luchasaurus through a second table at ringside. They cut to Cage and Nick fighting around the arena. Cage did a dive onto Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler from a higher section of the arena. Christian and Nick Jackson made their way back to ringside and Nick shoved Christian's legs into the steel steps. Meanwhile, Cole picked up and slung Jungle Boy's back into the ring apron. The Bucks superkicked Jungle Boy, who had a mouthful of thumbtacks in his mouth but Christian broke up the pin attempt.

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Christian used a trash can to fight off the heels but he took a jumping DDT onto steel steps in the corner. Luchasaurus was back in to hit a flurry of offense, including putting Cole and Nick through a ladder. After hitting a moonsault on Nick, Matt jumped in with trash can shots to the body. Matt Jackson tried to leave to the back but Jungle Boy caught up and hit the snare trap but Cole broke it up. Everyone fought on the stage at this point. Matt hit a dive off the stage onto Luchasaurus. Cole climbed up the stage and hit the Panama Sunrise on Jungle Boy but Luchasaurus broke up the pin attempt.

The Superkliq members put on knee pads with thumbtacks on them so they could hit Luchasaurus with a BTE trigger but Jungle Boy broke up the pin attempt. Cole was chokeslammed off the stage by Luchasaurus and then Luchasaurus hit a shooting star press onto the Matt and Cole and the security that was around them. Jungle Boy hit the con-chair-to on Matt and that was enough for him to get the pin and the win for his team.

PAC and Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo

PAC and Andrade started the match but Cody slapped PAC on the back to tag himself in as the fans chanted "F**k you Cody." PAC then quickly tagged himself in.

Early in the month, Jose the assistant got involved to help out Andrade but Cody hit him with a dive through the ropes. Cody was booed whenever he would hit some offense. Cody aggressively tagged out to PAC. It was PAC was Andrade for a couple of minutes.

There seemed to be trouble with both teams because Black tagged himself in when Andrade wasn't ready to tag out. Cody hit a flurry of offense on Black but PAC tagged himself in just as Cody took a spinning kick to the head. PAC also hit an Asai moonsault on Black and Andrade at ringside. Jose the assistant got into it with Arn Anderson but the Enforcer took him out with several punches. Back to the match, Andrade hit a tornillo dive onto PAC at ringside and then he sent PAC's throat into the barricade.

PAC fought a large chunk of the match by himself because Cody was hurt at ringside and Doc Sampson went to check on him. Cody finally got back in the match and he tagged in to hit offense on Andrade. Cody took a boot to the face but came back and hit an inverse suplex on Andrade off the top rope. Moments later, Cody locked in the figure four on Andrade but PAC tagged himself in and then hit the Black Arrow for the pin attempt but Andrade got his hand under the rope. PAC did a over the top and accidentally landed on Cody. Black tried to win the match by hitting PAC wtih a German suplex but Cody broke up the pin attempt. At ringside, Black hit Cody with a running kick that took both men over the barricade. In the ring, PAC hit a poison rana and the Black Arrow to win the match for his team.

Cash Wheeler ran out to attack Cody and PAC after the match.

AEW Women's World Championship
Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Tay Conti

Rich Ward from Fozzy played a live guitar rendition of Baker's entrance theme. Baker started the match with a quick roll up. Baker also tried for the Lock Jaw but Conti slipped out before she could apply the hold. Baker dominated the first several minutes of the match until Conti was able to hit a running knee to the head.

Conti hit several clotheslines and pump kicks in the corner of the ring. She followed up with a flying body press of the top rope. Baker countered a move off the rope from Conti with a neck breaker but Conti recovered and hit a forearm. Conti tried a neck breaker but Baker came back at her with a stomp to the head.

Baker put on the glove to set up for the Lock Jaw but Conti caught her with a cutter and a pin attempt. Conti tried a Got Style piledriver but Baker countered with an Air Raid crash on the ring apron. Conti kicked out of the pin attempt and then Baker went for the Lock Jaw but Conti slid under the rope. Conti almost won the match after hitting the Tay KO but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Baker hit a kick but Conti countered with a thrust kick. Conti then hit a Gotch style piledriver but Baker kicked out.

A distraction from Rebel allowed Jamie Hayter to attack Conti at ringside. Baker did the curb stomp on the stairs and another stomp in the ring before trying to apply the Lock Jaw but Conti rolled through it to break the Lock Jaw attempt. Baker missed another stomp attempt and Conti caught her with a kick that knocked her to the ringside area. Conti then hit a moonsault onto Hayter and Rebel as Baker walked away but Conti picked up and slammed Baker on the floor. Conti hit the DDTay but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Tay tried another hammerlock DDT but Baker was able to counter and roll her up for the pin.

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

Before the bell, Kingston hit Punk with a spinning backfist and it knocked him out. Punk recovered and the match started as Punk gave Kingston the middle finger.

Kingston continued to attack Punk at ringside. When they got back in the ring, Punk recovered and hit heavy knees and punches to the body but Kingston countered with an exploder suplex, followed by shots to the body. Punk fought back with a knee and punches to the head. Punk was busted open after getting kicked and punched several times around ringside.

Punk picked up Kingston and dropped him and seemed to tease the 5 knuckle shuffle but he didn't and just gave Kingston a middle finger to the face. Punk did a tribute to Eddie Guerrero by hitting the Three Amigos. Punk went to the top rope but Kingston got up and slapped him and then attacked him with a barrage of punches. Kingston followed up with a superplex off the top rope.

Both men charged at each other and traded punches but Kingston got the upper hand with kicks to the face. Kingston teased hitting the GTS but Punk recovered in time and he hit the GTS but Kingston fell near the ropes and Punk was too weakened to follow up. Punk hit elbow strikes to the head, followed by knees and the GTS to pin Kingston.

Kingston refused to shake Punk's hand after the match.

Baron Von Raschke was shown at ringside.

Minneapolis Street Fight
The Inner Circle vs. American Top Team and Men of the Year

Sky and Guevara started the match. Sky was in the match for several minutes against various members of the Inner Circle. Sky finally tagged out and it was Hager vs. Arlovski. Dos Santos tagged in after Arlovski hit a Samoan Drop. Jericho tagged himself in to take on Dos Santos. Jericho tried a flying body press but Dos Santos caught him and tossed him and then he hit a standing suplex and a standing moonsault into a pin attempt.

With Jericho down, Dan Lambert tagged in. He slapped Jericho in the face but Jericho got up and a brawl broke out between both teams. Jericho chased after Lambert but Page hit him with a hockey stick and Guevara did a dive onto Page at ringside. Santana and Ortiz did a stereo dive onto the Men of the Year at ringside.

Hager then did a dive onto everyone at ringside. Various weapons were used and the announcers explained that the items were things invented in Minnesota. Jericho used a Prince symbol as a weapon. In the ring, the Men of the Year and Santana/Ortiz fought with weapons as everyone else was laid out at ringside.

Late in the match, Dos Santos took a superplex from Santana and Ortiz, and then Guevara did a Swanton off the top of a very tall ladder through Scorpio Sky and through a table. Page got in the face of Hager's wife but Baron Von Raschke saw him and locked in the claw to allow Santana to take over on Page. Santana then did a spring board off a security guard and onto Page into the seats. Lambert was left alone in the ring. Jericho went for the lionsault but Dos Santos punched him and that allowed Lambert to try for the pin attempt. Lambert tried to get Jericho in the lionsault but Jericho hit him with several kendo stick shots. Jericho used a stapler on Lambert's testicles (yes, really). Then, as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero, Jericho hit the frog splash to win the match.

Jay Lethal was introduced with a remixed version of Randy Savage's theme song. Lethal announced that he has signed with AEW and then he issued a challenge to TNT Champion Sammu Guevara for AEW Dynamite. Guevara walked out and then accepted the challenge.

AEW World Championship
Kenny Omega vs. "Hangman" Adam Page

The match started with both men trading chops and Page hitting a hard lariat in the corner of the ring. Callis caused a distraction by grabbing Page's boot and thus allowing Omega to take over on offense.

The pace picked up about 10 minutes into the match. Hangman turned things around with some high risk moves, including a backflip off the top and onto Omega on the floor. Back in the ring, Hangman hit a brainbuster and followed up with a pin attempt.

Omega surprised Page with a springboard Liger bomb off the top rope, followed by consecutive snap dragon suplexes. Omega hit another snap dragon but this one was on the ring apron. Omega hit a v-trigger and then he tried the One Winged Angel but Page turned into a victory roll. Page then hit a release German suplex but Omega landed on his feet and then Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98, followed by a pin attempt. Omega opened up a cut by biting Page's head but Page did the same to Omega to open him up.

Page hit an avalanche Blockbuster off the top rope, followed up with a pin attempt. Page leaped off the top of the ring post to hit a clothesline onto Omega and through a table on the floor. Page went for the Buckshot Lariat but Omega's knees gave out on him. Page went for a v-trigger but Omega moved but Page hit a rolling elbow and a pop up powerbomb. Page went for the Bucshot but Omega moved the referee in the way. Callis went in the ring for the distraction but it didn't work and Hangman hit the Deadeye. Referee Aubrey Edwards ran in to make the count but Omega kicked out. Both men traded forearms and punches and kicks. Omega hit several punches and knee strikes but Page caught the last knee strike and countered with seveal strikes but Omega hit a knee trigger. Page hit a rolling elbow and Omega came back with a strike and kicks the head. Omega powered through and hit a powerful lariat. The Young Bucks walked out to ringside as Omega hit a backdrop driver. Page no sold it and hit his own backdrop driver. Omega went for the Buckshot but Omega hit the V-trigger but Page escaped the One Winged Angel. Page hit the One Winged Angel but Omega kicked out.Nick Jackson teased doing something but he backed off and Page hit the Buckshot to the back of Omega's head. Matt teased interfering but nodded as Page hit the Buckshot Lariat to win the match.

The Dark Order went out to the ring to celebrate.