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AEW Full Gear results: Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs. Jurassic Express and Christian Cage

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

In a Falls Count Anywhere match at AEW Full Gear, The Superkliq (Adam Cole and The Young Bucks) took on Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) and Christian Cage.

Jurassic Express and Cage wore street clothes and the Superkliq were dressed in pink and Nick Jackson had part of his mustache dyed pink. Luchasaurus hit a moonsault on Matt and Nick in the opening seconds of the match. Jungle Boy used a chair on Cole and it was legal, per the match rules.

Cage went for the first pin attempt after hitting the reverse DDT on Cole but the pin was broken up. Luchasaurus hit a double German suplex on both Matt and Nick at the same time. Jungle Boy hit a German suplex and two dives onto Cole but was hit with a trash can but Matt and Nick on the third dive. Jurassic Express recovered and put Cole through a chair at ringside. Cole was busted open on the chair spot. Jungle Boy had the chance to end the match with a con chair to on Cole but he hesitated as Christian and Nick Jackson fought their way to the backstage area.

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Matt Jackson hit a flurry of kicks but Jungle Boy recovered enough to give a hurricanrana onto Cole through a table and Matt Jackson hit a diving Randy Savage elbow onto Luchasaurus through a second table at ringside. They cut to Cage and Nick fighting around the arena. Cage did a dive onto Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler from a higher section of the arena. Christian and Nick Jackson made their way back to ringside and Nick shoved Christian's legs into the steel steps. Meanwhile, Cole picked up and slung Jungle Boy's back into the ring apron. The Bucks superkicked Jungle Boy, who had a mouthful of thumbtacks in his mouth but Christian broke up the pin attempt.

Christian used a trash can to fight off the heels but he took a jumping DDT onto steel steps in the corner. Luchasaurus was back in to hit a flurry of offense, including putting Cole and Nick through a ladder. After hitting a moonsault on Nick, Matt jumped in with trash can shots to the body. Matt Jackson tried to leave to the back but Jungle Boy caught up and hit the snare trap but Cole broke it up. Everyone fought on the stage at this point. Matt hit a dive off the stage onto Luchasaurus. Cole climbed up the stage and hit the Panama Sunrise on Jungle Boy but Luchasaurus broke up the pin attempt.

The Superkliq members put on knee pads with thumbtacks on them so they could hit Luchasaurus with a BTE trigger but Jungle Boy broke up the pin attempt. Cole was chokeslammed off the stage by Luchasaurus and then Luchasaurus hit a shooting star press onto the Matt and Cole and the security that was around them. Jungle Boy hit the con-chair-to on Matt and that was enough for him to get the pin and the win for his team.

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