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AEW Full Gear results: Young Bucks won the AEW World Tag Team Titles

The Young Bucks challenged FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at AEW Full Gear. Matt and Nick Jackson said that they would never challenge for the titles again if they could not win them.

Tully Blanchard walked out with FTR for their entrance but he was banned from ringside for the match. Excalibur said Matt Jackson received a cortisone shot earlier today on his injured ankle.

The first few minutes of the match started with some standard wrestling, quick tags and tandem offense. Matt and Nick dominated the first several minutes of the match but Matt’s bad ankle was a hindrance throughout the match because he aggravated it during a moonsault attempt.

Dax  Harwood’s hand appeared to be cut open so he had Dr. Sampson tape it up. FTR continued to work on Matt’s ankle while Nick looked on from the ring apron. After taking a beating for several minutes, Matt was able to free himself from Dax but Cash took out Nick on the apron so Matt had to continue wrestling with the bad ankle.

Matt was finally able to make the hot tag after taking out both members of FTR. Nick was fresh so he hit an offensive flurry. Nick went for a cross body off the top but Cash caught him and FTR turned it into a Hart Attack. Nick kicked out of the pin attempt.

Matt was still hurting but he recovered enough so he could tag in. Matt tried a Buckle Bomb but his ankle gave out and then FTR took over with some double team offense, including the Steiner Bulldog off the top. The Bucks came back with their own double team offense, including a Dudley 3D and a Jeff Hardy Swanton bomb from Nick that almost ended the match. FTR also paid tribute to DIY with a double running knee from both Dax and Cash to Matt.

Nick Jackson got back into the match and he took out Cash while Matt locked in the Sharpshooter on Dax. Dax made it to the rope to break up the move but Nick caught him with a superkick. Nick then put Cash in the sharpshooter on the ramp. Cash, who was not the legal man, tapped and Matt had to let go of Dax because his ankle was in pain. Matt snapped Dax’s bad hand and then he and Nick hit the BTE trigger into a pin attempt that was broken up by Cash. Nick tagged in Matt and then took out Cash at ringside. Matt brought a chair in the ring but Nick reminded him that they would never challenge again for the titles if they are disqualified. The Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver but Cash put Nick through a table at ringside. FTR then hit the spike piledriver for the pin attempt but Matt’s leg was on the bottom rope. Cash ripped off Matt’s boot and sock so they could work on his bad ankle and Cash dove off the top to land on it. Dax locked in an ankle lock as Nick got back in the ring and hit a 450 off the top to break up the ankle lock.

Moments later, Dax and Nick were taken out of the match so it was Cash and Matt. Cash knocked out Matt with a superkick and then he went for a springboard moonsault that missed and Matt hit the superkick to win the match and the titles. This was an awesome match.

Kenny Omega went out to celebrate with The Bucks and Hangman Page was seen watching from the entrance way.

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