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AEW had house shows penciled into 2020 schedule before coronavirus outbreak

When AEW first launched, it was made pretty clear that the promotion didn’t want to be a touring brand with house shows in addition to its TV and pay-per-view events.

However, AEW lead announcer Jim Ross noted while doing an interview with Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live that AEW did have plans to book some house shows or live events, in 2020 before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“Absolutely, I think that’s the plan…I know there were some live events penciled into the schedule before the virus. You can’t get better working one night a week. Nobody, I don’t care who you are.”

Ross did acknowledge that there are some minor exceptions such as Chris Jericho, who he doesn’t think needs to be working multiple nights a week. He thinks Jericho can be great one night a week.

However, Ross does understand the importance of house shows for talent as they need to work and do so under the supervision of the coaches in AEW. The reason for that is to relearn some of the fundamentals such as slowing down, using more psychology, and selling.

Ross noted how someone can be wrestling for 10 years but that doesn’t mean the talent is a 10-year veteran because a talent could have had the same experience 10 times.

“House shows are important for us. I think to develop talent especially, and revenue going forward. Who the hell knows when that’s gonna be? It’s not gonna be any time soon.”

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below (comments about AEW house shows can be found at the 11:38 mark):



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