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AEW had to change plans when the power went out during Dark: Elevation match

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW aired Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite from the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, Maryland in addition to taping Friday’s Rampage and Dark: Elevation.

AEW President Tony Khan had to call an audible due to a production issue as Skye Blue and NylaRose were set for a Dark: Elevation match. However, because the power was out, they couldn't tape the match. Instead, they just announced it was a match for the live fans.

Another production issue happened as lights went out around the entrance ramp and commentary table during a match where Max Caster wrestled Cheeseburger. The match was able to finish up but was unable to be taped.

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The Dark: Elevation main event was then rescheduled before the Rampage taping. Luckily, the issues were resolved before Dynamite went live on the air. Dave Meltzer discussed the issues during today’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Did you know they had a power failure? Did you hear about that? Okay, so this was actually before the show started. Max Caster was wrestling Cheeseburger and Cheeseburger was very over, which was the second time they used Cheeseburger and he was very over both times. And then the entrance and the announcing place all of a sudden went dark. They did the match, Max Caster won, then they did another match that they announced, which was Skye Blue and Nyla Rose. They just said, ‘This match is only for you fans in the arena and it will never air,’ because they couldn’t tape it because they had a power failure. They got the thing fixed by eight o’clock and there was no problem with Dynamite.”

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