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AEW has taped enough content to fill up months of Dynamite shows, if necessary

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Fans of AEW and its weekly television show, Dynamite, won’t have to worry about seeing new content every Wednesday night, according to a new report by PWTorch. 

We’ve noted earlier on the site that AEW held TV tapings on Tuesday and Wednesday that saw several matches be taped for upcoming episodes. These TV tapings in Norcross, Ga were done as a way to weather the storm that is the coronavirus in case the promotion can’t run weekly TV, which was the original idea.

The report states that AEW held another set of tapings on Thursday. It was noted that those in AEW have indicated that “they have enough footage taped to create storyline-advancing matches that can fill two hours of weekly TV for TNT every Wednesday night for weeks if not months if necessary.”

Also, some of the matches taped could be used on Dark instead of Dynamite should stay-at-home orders lighten up.

The wrestlers who worked the tapings earlier this week were also used at Thursday’s tapings as no member of the roster flew in or drove in other than Chris Jericho, who did commentary.

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AEW has taped all of the matches for the TNT Title Tournament so all that’s left is the finals, which are planned for the Double or Nothing PPV next month if the promotion can actually run the event in Las Vegas.

It’s widely known that AEW also taped matches in Jacksonville last month that will air on future Dynamite episodes. One of the matches taped at the time was AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley vs. Jake Hager that is slated to air in two weeks.

Thus, AEW will be able to feature first-run matches with wrestlers in the coming weeks other than who worked this week’s set of tapings as they used a different crew.

It was noted that nearly all of the wrestlers who worked the Georgia TV tapings this week are either from the Southeast area and drove into the TV tapings themselves. This was done to avoid flying into the city.

However, one or two people who worked the taping were not from “hot spots” such as New York or Washington and were allowed to work. Wrestlers who don’t live in the Southeast weren't brought in to work the tapings.

Finally, AEW will be airing matches for upcoming Dynamite episodes that were taped in both Jacksonville and Norcross in addition to adding new interviews and content from wrestlers at home.

You can read the entire report here.