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AEW is planning another surprise for Revolution PPV

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

On Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Paul Wight did a promo as part of his promotional debut.

During it, he said that a Hall Of Fame worthy talent will get hired at AEW Revolution. He added that “it’s not who you think” and fans should tune in to find out who this person is.

Dave Meltzer talked about this during today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted there will be two surprises at Revolution - one being in the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match and the second being revealed by Wight. Meltzer event clarified that the sixth person in the ladder match won't be someone on the current roster, but rather a surprise. There’s still no word on who are the surprises.

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“So for AEW just to clarify everything, there’s going to be two new people debuting on the show. One will be the sixth person in the ladder match and the other will be the surprise that Paul Wight will announce during the show. I don’t know who either guy is, but they are both newcomers and they are two different people. That much I do know.

I could throw out names, but essentially, it’s going to be..the guy Paul Wight said is a sorta Hall of Famer, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. What you’re looking at is someone who has been around for a while, that tells me it's an ex-WWE guy who has a name.”