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AEW Music Producer Mikey Rukus on how far in advance he knows about debuting stars, the process of making themes from scratch and much more

Mikey Rukus

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AEW Music Producer Mikey Rukus talks about being signed by AEW, the process of making music, and if he knows who is debuting in AEW before everyone else. 

All Elite Wrestling’s Music Producer, Mikey Rukus, chats with AfterBuzz TV’s Jack Farmer to discuss being a wrestling fan, how he eventually became signed by AEW, and what the process of creating a song “from scratch” a new talent looks like. Excerpts from the interview are below.... 

On how he got started making themes: “...I was rooted in the mixed martial arts industry. So I started with fighters on the regional level and the local level and said ‘I’m going to make a custom song for you.’ And within a year I had my music being played in the UFC. I had UFC fighters coming to me asking for custom music and I’ve always wanted to go into the wrestling field but at the time I was just so enamored with the realism and the, the actual warfare hand to hand combat that was mixed martial arts.” 

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On how he finally connected with AEW: “...I continued to put feelers out there and then finally I just, I tweeted out I said, ‘I am your guy.’ I said, I’ve never been one to kind of stand back and be quiet. I’ve always gone after what I felt like I deserved and I what I felt like I was ready to work for and uh, the midst of that I had somebody contact me and say ‘Hey, this is the person you want to get in touch with.’ and that person’s number that was given to me was QT Marshall.”

On how he became All Elite: ...we began to kind of talk back and forth and originally they needed one song for Double or Nothing 2019 and then they needed five and then it was ‘What would you charge for twenty?’ so I said ‘Well look, you could pay me twenty, you could pay me for twenty, or I’ll just work here forever, for this.” And I’m, I’m paraphrasing of course, but then, a couple of weeks later I got the phone call and they said “We want to bring you on.” 

On how far in advance he knows about new debuting stars: “Usually when it comes to talent that’s on the way, um, I don’t, I don’t really even give a thought to rumors or anything like that. When I get the call, I get the call. Sometimes I get the call, like, the day before. Um, I’ll give you an example. I think the longest, the longest time I’ve had to prepare for a talent coming in was Jake Roberts and that was maybe, er, no, Jake Roberts was two days. Jeff Cobb was about a week, and we ended up needing it earlier than we thought we were going to need it. 

For more from AEW Music Producer, Mikey Rukus, check out the full interview here:

About the host: Jack Farmer is a host and panelist for AfterBuzz TV’s wrestling and sports division. He hosts the AEW Dynamite After Show, the AEW Social Media Skim, and is a panelist on the WWE Raw After Show, the WWE PPV After Shows, the WWE Hall of Fame Wishes Show, as well as a contributor to the WWE NXT After Show.