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AEW pulls MJF vs. Warlow Double Or Nothing preview video from YouTube



It looks less likely that we will be seeing the scheduled MJF vs. Wardlow match tonight at AEW Double Or Nothing.

As was noted earlier, AEW deleted a tweet that was hyping tonight's match. It was likely a scheduled tweet because it was deleted almost immediately after it was posted.

There is a lot of speculation that MJF might not wrestle tonight because of a dispute with AEW's Tony Khan over his pay and perhaps, other issues that have not come to light. MJF reportedly had a flight booked to leave Las Vegas last night but he did not board and he is still in Vegas as of this writing.

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What happens next is anyone's guess. Wardlow is set to have the biggest match of the year and the way things have been booked, it would appear that he was likely going to beat MJF. Per the storyline, Wardlow would be free from MJF's control and he would be free to sign an AEW contract.

The timing of all of this is unfortunate because it has overshadowed the other matches on the show. As of now, there has not been any announcement from AEW on the status of the match.