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There is some potentially big news on the horizon for fans of Saraya Knight, aka former WWE star Paige.

Fightful reported today that AEW reached out to her over the summer. It is unknown if a deal was reached but Paige seems interested in a match with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

Back in July, Baker told Sportskeeda that she'd love to wrestle Paige. She said, "I’m a huge fan of Paige. I love her. I love her mom. I’ve wrestled her mom before actually. But she’s such an inspirational female. That girl has gone through it all and she’s still, pardon my swearing, but she’s such a bad b*tch and she has that everything roll off your back energy,”

Paige responded on Twitter: "Sign me up. I love me some Britt Baker."

Paige retired in 2018 due to neck issues but she has been working hard to improve her health and she has said that her neck has gotten stronger. Paige's WWE contract expired a couple of months ago but she has hinted that she's not done in the ring.

Paige was positive about her time in WWE and seemed open to one day going back if they had an interest in her but at the time of her release, Vince McMahon was still running the company. If she has not signed an AEW deal, one would think that Triple H would be open to bringing her back.

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It is interesting to note that Tony Khan has been teasing surprises for tonight's Dynamite: Grand Slam and Rampage: Grand Slam so it's certainly possible that Paige could show up tonight.