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AEW Revolution results: Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

The second match on the main card of AEW Revolution was the Face of the Revolution Ladder match featuring Keith Lee vs. Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Christian Cage and the winner gets a TNT Title shot.

Dan Lambert and ATT were shown watching this match from their skybox. Cage was the first to use a ladder and he used it to take out several competitors around ringside. Starks was the first to try to climb the ladder to grab the ring hanging overhead.

The first ladder spot was Chrisitan giving the reverse DDT to Hobbs. Keith Lee did an impressive leapfrog/crossbody spot on both Christian and Starks. Lee tried to climb the ladder but Wardlow stopped him and Hobbs took them both out with a ladder. Hobbs and Starks raced up the ladder but were knocked down by Cassidy. Did a helicopter spot with the ladder to take out several wrestlers but both Lee and Warlodw picked up the ladder and OC managed to get on top of it and he almost grabbed the ring.

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Hobbs did an impressive superplex spot with a ladder assist from the top turnbuckle. Christian speared and drove Hobbs into a ladder bridge. Starks did a crazy spear through a ladder and on Christian to set himself up so he could climb up but Wardlow knocked him off. A second ladder was set up and all three big men climbed up and battled for position as the smaller guys climbed up the side of the ladders. Most of the guys were knocked off except for Wardlow and Hobbs, who battled it out before falling off. Wardlow took a nasty spill in the ring but seemed to be okay.

Lee took OC and lalunched him onto Starks and Cassidy at ringside. Wardlow cleared the ring and instead of climbing the ladder, he went to ringside to brawl with Lee and Hobbs. Those three men brawled up towards the stage area. Hobbs and Wardlow went to grab a ladder and they literally pulled it apart. Wardlow shoved Lee and Hobbs off the announcers podium and off the stage and through tables. Back in the ring, Danhausen appeared to knock Starks off the ladder. Starks got back in and pulled Christian off the ladder and Wardlow powerbombed Christian. Wardlow leaped on a ladder to catch up to Starks. Wardlow powerbombed Starks onto a ladder bridge. Wardlow grabbed the ring to earn his title shot.

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