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AEW Revolution results: Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match

The Face Of The Revolution match at AEW Revolution served to determine the next contender for the TNT Championship. The match featured Cody Rhodes vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. Ethan Page.

They had a brass ring hovering over the ladder. Ethan Page was announced as the final entrant into the match so he has signed with AEW after finishing up with Impact Wrestling in January.

Jack Evans tried to get involved with the boombox but 10 ran out to give him a spinebuster on the stage. Lots of crazy spots including Penta launching himself off a ladder bridge onto the competitors at ringside. Page hit the splash mountain on Sky onto the ladder and Archer was wedged in between the ladder. Penta hit an insane looking Destroyer on Cody on a ladder bridge that was set up outside of the ring. The trainers went to check on Cody, who went into this match with an injured shoulder. Cody was then taken to the tunnel area and he was there for several minutes before walking to the backstage area.

There was another crazy spot with Archer hitting a knee strike that knocked Sky off the top rope and through a ladder bridge outside of the ring. Cody rand back and in the match and started hitting everyone with his belt and he fought Ethan Page with one arm. Cody hit the Cross Rhodes on Page while holding on to his bad shoulder. Cody was going to try a move off the top of the ladder but Archer ran up and suplexed him off the ladder. Max Caster then hit the Claim to Fame (elbow drop) off the top onto Cody’s back. Penta and Caster fought on a ladder but Archer shoved them off and then took out everyone with chokeslams. Archer then hit the Blackout slam on Caster onto a ladder and it looked painful.

Archer was about to win the match but Page hit a low blow and then Jake Roberts hit a short clothesline on Page. Penta then superkicked Roberts. and Cody hit a Cody cutter on Penta but Penta got up and hit Cody in the arm with a steel chair to knock him off the ladder. Sky hit Penta with chair shots to knock him off the ladder.

Sky shoved Cody off the top of the ladder and then grabbed the brass ring to win the match. Sky will get a TNT Championship match this Wednesday night on Dynamite.

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