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AEW Revolution results: Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega - Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

In the main event of AEW Revolution, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley faced off for the AEW World Championship in an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.

Referee Bryce Remsburg was wearing a fire resistant suit. Jim Ross said Terry Funk called him last night to give his thoughts on the match and Terry feels bad for both of them because of what will happen with the barbed wire. There was barbed wire on the ropes and barbed wire boards in two corners of the ring. There was barbed wire set up outside of the ring as well.

They both tried to push each other into the barbed wire at the start of the match. Moxley brought in a trash can with weapons including a barbed wife baseball bat that he used on Moxley on the stage. Mox took powder in the eyes and then was thrown into the barbed wife and explosives detonated. Mox was busted open after taking a Kiraru Crusher on the trash can. Mox was sent into a barbed wire board in the corner.

Omega was shoved face first into the barbed wire on two consecutive times so there were two consecutive explosions. Mox then hit a suplex on Omega through another barbed wire board. Mox hit a release German suplex on Omega before slamming him on a barbed wire chair.

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Omega pushed Moxley into the barbed wire and an explosion went off but some of the explosion apparently caught Omega in the eye. Both men fought on the ring apron and Omega hit a Paradigm shift through the boards at ringside that set off more explosions.

Back in the ring, Moxley punched Omega with barbed wire around his fist. Omega hit a pair of V-triggers and the One Winged Angel but Moxley put his foot on the rope to set off an explosion the went off in Omega's face. The Good Brothers ran in with baseball bats to attack Moxley. Omega used an exploding barbed wire baseball bat and it exploded on Moxley's face. Omega hit a One Winged Angel on Mox onto the chair and he pinned him to retain the title.

Omega and The Good Brothers were still in the ring celebrating but the clock was still ticking so Don Callis ran in to tell them to get out of the ring. Omega handcuffed Moxley's hands behind his back as The Good Brothers continued their attack with the barbed wire bat.

Eddie Kingston ran in to help Omega as the clock counted down but it was too late because the explosions went off.

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