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AEW Revolution results: live coverage

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Revolution
March 7, 2021
Daily's Place
Jacksonville, FL

We are live with ongoing coverage of AEW Revolution. As always, we will have live updates throughout the night so refresh this page often. Click here if you are not seeing the updates.

A note for anyone having issues on their Roku devices, you can order the show through the B/R Live app on your phone, and then you can cast the event from there. You can also cast from a laptop or tablet. Several readers are reporting that the stream is working fine on Amazon devices. The show is available on traditional pay-per-view through most major cable providers.

AEW Revolution: The Buy-In

Riho and Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Maki Itoh

Baker said that Rebel was attacked by Nyla Rose and that is why she was not cleared to wrestle tonight. Baker brought out Rebel, who was on a crutch. Maki Itoh was announced as Rebel's partner. Itoh's popularity has grown tremendously on soical media in recent weeks.

Despite being on a crutch, there was some interference from Rebel at ringside. There were a couple of clunky spots but overall it was a good match and the pace picked up towards the end with Rosa and Baker. Late in the match, Rebel got up on the ring apron and Baker was pushed into her. Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver and almost pinned Baker. Rebel knocked out Rosa with the crutch and that allowed Baker to pin her.

AEW Revolution: Main Card

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Young Bucks (Champions) vs. Chris Jericho and MJF

A lot of the early offense came from Jericho and MJF with some help from Wardlow. Matt was in the match for several minutes until he was finally able to tag Nick, who cleaned house on MJF and Jericho with kicks, knees, a facebuster and Canadian Destroyer on MJF.

Late in the match, there was a very close near fall after MJF hit Matt with the Heat Seeker after Jericho hit Matt in the back with a baseball bat. Moments later, Jericho accidentally hit Wardlow with the Judas Effect. Jericho tried the lionsault but Matt and Nick caught him with kicks and the BTE Trigger and MJF broke up the pin attempt.

The Bucks took out MJF with several kicks to the face and then they hit Jericho with the Meltzer Driver. Matt got the pin to retain the titles.

Casino Tag Team Royale
Bear Country vs. Dark Order's Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs. Dark Order's Evil Uno and Stu Grayson vs. Santana and Ortiz vs. The Butcher and The Blade vs. Private Party vs. Pac and Rey Fenix vs. Matt and Mike Sydal vs. Dark Order's Alan Angels and Preston Vance vs. Gunn Club vs. Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi vs. SoCal Uncensored vs. The Natural Nightmares vs. Varsity Blonds vs. Jurassic Express

The order of entry was determined by a lottery. A new team joined the match every 90 seconds and tag teams are out of the match when both competitors are eliminated.

QT Marshall apparently turned heel because he eliminated The Gunn Club (they are part of the Nightmare Family) and then Marshall eliminated himself and he spat at Dustin Rhodes.

The final four men in the match were Jungle Boy, Fenix, Pac, and Silver. There was a great exchange between Silver and Pac before Fenix eliminated Silver with a kick to the head. Pac was eliminated by Jungle Boy and Fenix eliminated Jungle Boy after an amazing sequence of moves.

Order of entry:
1. The Natural Nightmares
2. Dark Order's Alan "5" Angels and Preston "10" Vance
3. Santana and Ortiz
4. Matt and Mike Sydal
5. Stu Grayson and Evil Uno
6. Gunn Club
7. "Pretty" Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi
8. Varsity Blonds
9. Bear Country
10. Jurassic Express
11. The Butcher and The Blade
12. Private Party
13. SCU
14. Rey Fenix and Pac
15. Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds

There was a backstage interview with Paul Wight. He said only he and Tony Khan (and the signee) knows who will be appearing later tonight. Wight said no one can outwork this person.

Al Snow, Diamond Dallas Page, Paul Walter Hauser were in attendance.

AEW Women's World Championship
Hikaru Shida (Champion) vs. Ryo Mizunami

There was some questionable showboating from Mizunami early in the match but then things picked up with some high impact strikes. There was a close near fall when Mizunami pinned Shida after hitting a leg drop off the top rope.

Shida pinned Mizunami after several Tamashii kicks to the head. Nyla Rose, Britt Baker and Maki Itoh ran out to attach Shida after the match. Rebel hit Shida in the back with her crutch.

Miro and Kip Sabian vs. Best Friends
Miro and Sabian attacked Best Friends before the match got started. Miro shoved Chuck Taylor's head through a door window.

Miro brought a bloodied Chuck Taylor into the ring and Taylor insisted on starting the match. Orange Cassidy was nowhere to be seen so this started out as a handicap match.

After a couple of minutes, Cassidy made his way ou and he hit Miro with the Orange Punch. Late in the match, Cassidy was shoved by Miro into Penelope Ford and then Miro hit a roundhouse kick on Cassidy. The shove appeared to be intentional by Miro. Sabian checked on his wife but Miro ran out to shove him in the ring. Miro won the match by forcing Taylor to tap out to the Accolade submission.

It's looking like Miro and Sabian will be splitting up soon since Miro had no concern for Ford's safety.

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Backstage interview: MJF and Chris Jericho said there will be a change made to The Inner Circle this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Big Money Match
Hangman Adam Page vs. Matt Hardy

They brawled outside of the ring for the first few minutes of the match. Hardy stomped the steel steps into Page's hand to try to disable his arm from trying the buckshot lariat clothesline.

Page was favoring his arm throughout the match and had trouble getting in the ring after taking a Twist of Fate on the floor. Late in the match, Page had the match won with the Deadeye but Private Party jumped on the apron to distract the referee. Page took out Private Party but this gave Hardy time to recover and hit a Side Effect and Twist of Fate. Page kicked out of the pin attempt.

The Dark Order ran out to take out Private Party at ringside and then Page hit the Buckshot Lariat to win the match. Page hugged and The Dark Order and they all drank beer in the ring.

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match for a shot at the TNT Championship
Cody Rhodes vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. TBA

They had a brass ring hovering over the ladder. Ethan Page was announced as the final entrant into the match so he has signed with AEW after finishing up with Impact Wrestling in January.

Jack Evans tried to get involved with the boombox but 10 ran out to give him a spinebuster on the stage. Lots of crazy spots including Penta launching himself off a ladder bridge onto the competitors at ringside. Page hit the splash mountain on Sky onto the ladder and Archer was wedged in between the ladder. Penta hit an insane looking Destroyer on Cody on a ladder bridge that was set up outside of the ring. The trainers went to check on Cody, who went into this match with an injured shoulder. Cody was then taken to the tunnel area and he was there for several minutes before walking to the backstage area.

There was another crazy spot with Archer hitting a knee strike that knocked Sky off the top rope and through a ladder bridge outside of the ring. Cody rand back and in the match and started hitting everyone with his belt and he fought Ethan Page with one arm. Cody hit the Cross Rhodes on Page while holding on to his bad shoulder. Cody was going to try a move off the top of the ladder but Archer ran up and suplexed him off the ladder. Max Caster then hit the Claim to Fame (elbow drop) off the top onto Cody's back. Penta and Caster fought on a ladder but Archer shoved them off and then took out everyone with chokeslams. Archer then hit the Blackout slam on Caster onto a ladder and it looked painful.

Archer was about to win the match but Page hit a low blow and then Jake Roberts hit a short clothesline on Page. Penta then superkicked Roberts. and Cody hit a Cody cutter on Penta but Penta got up and hit Cody in the arm with a steel chair to knock him off the ladder. Sky hit Penta with chair shots to knock him off the ladder.

Sky shoved Cody off the top of the ladder and then grabbed the brass ring to win the match. Sky will get a TNT Championship match this Wednesday night on Dynamite.

Christian Cage signs with AEW

Christian Cage has signed with All Elite Wrestling. Cage did not say anything but he signed his contract, as promised. Cage had returned to the ring in January at the Royal Rumble where he reunited with Edge. He was cleared to wrestle several months ago.

Several wrestlers in the company had been pushing for AEW to sign Cage after word got out that he was not under a WWE contract. Cage and WWE were in talks but the negotiations fell through.

Christian's deal with AEW is for multiple years.

Street Fight
Sting and Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks

The match took place inside of a warehouse in Jacksonville and it was taped earlier today. For their entrance, Allin was shown hanging on to the back of a pickup truck that was being driven by Sting. As they arrived at the warehouse, a bunch of "hoodlums" with Darby Allin masks surrounded the ring in the warehouse.

Sting and Starks wrestled in the ring s Cage and Allin fought in another part of the warehouse. Sting then fought Starks around the warehouse. They cut over to Cage picking up Allin over his shoulders and up a flight of stairs before slamming him on a trash can. Eventually, all four men made it up to the second floor of the warehouse. Allin broke a bottle on Cage's head and then he and Sting slammed him through a table. Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook both attacked Allin as Cage attacked Sting. Hobbs and Cage then picked up and tossed Allin through a glass window pane as they turned their focus on Sting.

Back on the first floor, Sting took everyone out after Allin tossed him a bat from the second floor. Allin did a crazy dive off the second or third floor onto Cage. Sting pinned Starks in the ring after hitting the Scorpion Death Drop.

AEW World Championship - Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch
Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley

Referee Bryce Remsburg was wearing a fire resistant suit. Jim Ross said Terry Funk called him last night to give his thoughts on the match and Terry feels bad for both of them because of what will happen with the barbed wire. There was barbed wire on the ropes and barbed wire boards in two corners of the ring. There was barbed wire set up outside of the ring as well.

They both tried to push each other into the barbed wire at the start of the match. Moxley brought in a trash can with weapons including a barbed wife baseball bat that he used on Moxley on the stage. Mox took powder in the eyes and then was thrown into the barbed wife and explosives detonated. Mox was busted open after taking a Kiraru Crusher on the trash can. Mox was sent into a barbed wire board in the corner.

Omega was shoved face first into the barbed wire on two consecutive times so there were two consecutive explosions. Mox then hit a suplex on Omega through another barbed wire board. Mox hit a release German suplex on Omega before slamming him on a barbed wire chair.

Omega pushed Moxley into the barbed wire and an explosion went off but some of the explosion apparently caught Omega in the eye. Both men fought on the ring apron and Omega hit a Paradigm shift through the boards at ringside that set off more explosions.

Back in the ring, Moxley punched Omega with barbed wire around his fist. Omega hit a pair of V-triggers and the One Winged Angel but Moxley put his foot on the rope to set off an explosion the went off in Omega's face. The Good Brothers ran in with baseball bats to attack Moxley. Omega used an exploding barbed wire baseball bat and it exploded on Moxley's face. Omega hit a One Winged Angel on Mox onto the chair and he pinned him to retain the title.

Omega and The Good Brothers were still in the ring celebrating but the clock was still ticking so Don Callis ran in to tell them to get out of the ring. Omega handcuffed Moxley's hands behind his back as The Good Brothers continued their attack with the barbed wire bat.

Eddie Kingston ran in to help Omega as the clock counted down but it was too late because the explosions went off.