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AEW Revolution results: Sting did an insane dive through three tables


A.H.F.O. (Andrade El Ídolo, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy) took on Darby Allin, Sting and Sammy Guevara in a Tornado Trios Match at AEW Revolution in Orlando.

The match started with Darby running into the ring and taking out Andrade and everyone else brawled around ringside. With help from Sting, Darby took out Jose the Assistant by diving on him as Jose was forced to wear a trash can over his head.

Meanwhile, Andrade picked up and dropped Sammy over the barricade but Sammy and Darby teamed up to take out Andrade. Sting used a trash can on Matt and Isiah. Sammy hit the springboard double-jump into the cutter on Isiah. Craziness ensued with a bunch of things happening at the same time in and around the ring.

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Marq Quen got involved by taking out Sammy with a chair but Sammy sent him over the barricade. Private Party did the silly strung to Guevara at ringside as Sting battled with Matt in the crowd. The Butcher and The Blade went out to help take out Darby and Sting while Isiah and Sammy battled on top of the the set by the stage. Sammy hit the Spanish Fly and both men crashed through tables on the stage...brutal.

Sting tried to fight off The Butcher and The Blade but he was outnumbered and Matt Hardy brought Sting up to an upper level in the middle of the fans. Matt tried to hit a side effect off the upper level and through tables that were set up below but Sting broke free. Sting then hit a splash off the upper level and onto Andrade and they crashed through a bucnh of tables. Insane spot. Back in the ring, Matt used a chair to Darby's back. Darby countered out of the Twist of Hate. Darby hit the Scorpion Death Drop on the steel chair and the coffin drop to get the pin.

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