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AEW star is making a change to his gimmick

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

It looks like Matt Hardy is making some tweaks to his character.

When Hardy debuted last year, it was during the empty arena shows at the start of the pandemic and so the "Broken" character did not play as well as it would have in front of thousands of fans.

Hardy then transitioned into the "Big Money Matt" gimmick that he portrayed during his days in Impact Wrestling but not it looks like he is moving away from that as well. The Hardy Family Office leader stated on Twitter that he wants to be more authentic because it's what the AEW fans want.

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In response to a fan who asked if we have seen the end of the "Big Money Matt" character, Hardy said the following:

I plan on gearing more towards "Matt Hardy" going forward. It seems the @AEW audience appreciates real, so I’ll focus on being more authentic.

Hardy has been a good addition to the AEW roster. He has previously stated that he is not out to win titles and while he is not done wrestling, he wants to help put over the young wrestlers.