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AEW star is not being currently used due to an issue with coaches

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Fans have noticed that AEW hasn’t used Ivelisse as of late and it turns out that it’s due to an issue behind the scenes.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there is a story going around that she had an issue with a few coaches in the company.

Meltzer brought up how she was recently asked about her status and “she said that if only she could speak.” Up to this point, she’s been teaming with Diamante, but with Ivelisse on the sidelines, AEW has been booking Diamante as a singles star.

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Meltzer wrote, “the story was there was an issue with her and 'a few' coaches and she’s not being booked right now, but it’s not like she’s been let go either at this point.”

She is currently on a per-appearance deal and not a full-time contract with All Elite Wrestling. Her most recent match with AEW came on the February 17th edition of Dark.