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There is speculation that one of the big signings from the early days of AEW may be leaving the company.

The rumor going around is that Santana may be looking to leave AEW and he's been dropping hints on social media. In April, he tweeted "126 days," which leads to September 1st and would fit the timeframe of when his contract would expire.

Earlier this week he tweeted, "Soon."

Sean Ross Sapp speculated (not reported, just speculated) that there might be issues between Santana and Ortiz. It's noticeable that they don't interact as much and they don't stand together as much during in-ring talking segments. It was also notable that during the Blood and Guts video package before the match last night, Ruby Soho mentioned that Eddie Kingston is close to Jon Moxley and Ortiz, but no mention of Santana.

It should also be noted that while he has worked some multi-man matches alongside Ortiz in AEW, Santana has been taking bookings on his own for months.

Santana's latest booking is for Create A Pro in Long Island.

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