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AEW star reacts to criticism of Women’s Tag Team Tournament airing on YouTube

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

There have been some fans who criticized All Elite Wrestling for its decision regarding the Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw.

The reason for the criticism is due to the promotion airing it on their YouTube channel instead of having the tournament air on its weekly television show, Dynamite, on TNT.

Former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose gave a different viewpoint when she posted the following on her official Twitter account:

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“I appreciate all the posts & love that a lot of y’all are showing us… but some of y’all are overlooking & underplaying a small and major detail. OUR OWN SHOW. OUR OWN TIME SLOT. If you really care and really want to help, watch the show. tell your friends to watch.”

The premiere episode will air tonight at 7pm ET with a match that will see Nyla and former WWE star Ariane Andrew against Anna Jay and former NXT wrestler Tay Conti.

As noted, the future of this tournament will depend on the support from the fans. The promotion would like to hold it every summer, but if fans don’t watch it then it could be one and done.