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AEW has posted footage that was recorded after last Wednesday's episode of Dynamite.

The footage is of Brody King recovering after losing to interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. King is shown walking back up the aisleway. Malakai Black walks out but then Sting and Darby Allin walk out onto the stage.

You can hear Allin tell King that he earned the title shot against Moxley and he deserves to be in AEW. King earned the title shot by eliminating Allin on the prior Rampage show during the Royal Rampage match. In the video below, you can see that Allin offered to shake King's hand but he declined the offer. It looks like they are setting up a House of Black vs. Allin/Sting feud but at the same time, it looks like they also might be setting up a face turn for King.

The face turn might not happen right away since AEW likes to tease things and have them pay off many months later. Check out the post-Dynamite clip below.

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