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AEW wrestler AQA announced on Twitter that she is stepping away from pro wrestling "for the immediate future."

AQA noted in her statement that she hasn't been in a great place with wrestling both mentally and physically for the past few years but tried to push through it because she didn’t want to look weak.

AQA thanked All Elite Wrestling for granting her this time to step away. She wrote the following:

“I want to take this time to say thank you to anyone who has ever cheered for me, supported me, bought merch, had me on your podcast or wrote an article about me. Those who sent loving messages, made fan art, gave me a hug during a meet & greet, or a high-five on my way to and from the ring. Promoters who booked me, opponents that stood across from me, and my trainers for teaching me everything I know for I wouldn't have made it this far without all of you.

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At this time, I have decided to step away from professional wrestling for the immediate future. For the past few years, both mentally and physically, I have not been in a great place with wrestling, and silly me, I kept pushing through because I didn't want to be seen as weak, but it only sucked the fun out of every opportunity I had. I hope during this time I'll be able to reflect deeply and see what path is best for me.

Thank you AEW for granting me this time. Until I see you all again, much love.”

AQA was formerly known as Zayda Ramier in WWE NXT. She was let go by the company last November after being medically disqualified from competing. During an appearance on A Wrestling Gal podcast this past January, she recalled WWE not being able to figure out why she felt hot, shaky, jittery, and like she was going to pass out while training one day at the Performance Center.

AQA made her AEW debut this February, and it was announced that she had officially signed with AEW shortly thereafter. She’s worked seven matches for AEW, mostly on AEW Dark. She also wrestled at ROH Supercard of Honor this April by defeating Miranda Alize on the pre-show.