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AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door results: PAC is the first-ever AEW All-Atlantic Champion

It was Clark Connors vs. PAC vs. Malakai Black vs. Miro in a four-way match to crown the first AEW All-Atlantic Champion at AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door in Chicago.

Late in the match, Connors speared Miro through a table that was propped up on the barricade at ringside. Moments later Miro slammed the other 3 wrestlers off the top rope in a Tower of Doom spot. Miro put PAC in the Game Over submission but Black spit the black mist in Miro's eyes to break it up.

Black tried to lock Connors in a submission but PAC hit the 450 splash onto Malakai and then he forced Connors to tap out.

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