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AEW’s Andrade El Idolo upset he can’t work for NJPW?

AEW and NJPW formed a working relationship a few years ago that has formed so strongly that they will hold a joint show, AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, between the two companies on June 26th in Chicago.

The card is still being filled out, but one man won’t apparently be on the show and that’s Andrade. The AEW star took to Twitter to note he can’t work for NJPW because of CMLL and AAA. He wrote, "I can't work with NJPW, thanks CMLL and AAA."

AAA booker Konnan responded to the post by saying, "We have nothing to do with NJ or. CMLL arcane decisions."

Lucha Blog brought up a good point about AEW's FTR being AAA Tag Team Champions and likely will be working Forbidden Door in addition to whether Andrade was talking about strictly working for NJPW or just the Forbidden Door show:

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It should be noted that NJPW has a working relationship with CMLL, which is a rival of AAA in Mexico. Last October, NJPW reportedly prevented Will Ospreay from working with MLW on a Mexico tour.  Andrade originally worked for CMLL before going to WWE. Once he let WWE and became a free agent, he didn’t go back to CMLL. Instead, he signed with AAA and AEW.

Andrade just returned to AEW TV last week on Dynamite by being the Joker in the Casino Battle Royale. He previously took time away to marry Charlotte Flair.