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AEW star Anthony Ogogo spoke with Chris Van Vliet this week to talk about his boxing and pro wrestling career. He talked about how he was discovered by AEW and signed as their first developmental talent, working with Cody Rhodes, the infamous weigh-in segment that went wrong, the eye injury that ended his boxing career and more. 

Ogogo talking about signing with AEW and not WWE:

“They (WWE) never actually got to a point where they offered me money. But they did speak to my agent and they were talking numbers and the numbers were better than the AEW numbers. I was going to be the first developmental talent that they (AEW) signed. Reading between the lines, I don’t think that they were that fussed about signing somebody from scratch because we had no real school where we trained. We had to figure it out. QT was going to train me, but QT at the time was Cody’s assistant doing behind the scenes stuff and being an on-screen talent, so he was also really busy. I think they (AEW) actually offered me a contract because they were like, ‘He might not accept this because it’s not the best contract, but if he does accept it, then let’s see how much he wants it.’ That was quite an attractive offer, but meeting Cody and Tony and the vision, I wanted to be a part of that. Also, when I retired from boxing, I felt like my life had ended. I was extremely depressed and suicidal at points. I have got a whole mental health talk I do where I talk about the things that I experienced at the time. So I said to myself that in this chapter of my life, I have a lot of lessons to learn. Life is about learning lessons and I can’t make the same mistakes as I did with boxing.”

On his plans in AEW:

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“I had this program with Cody and then I had to go back to the UK because I had some Visa stuff going on. I had to get a new Visa and I had to leave America to get a new Visa. That took 4 or 5 months. Regardless of the Cody storyline, I had to leave anyway, and that was really sh*t because I wanted to build on that. I have to come back, and when I was gone, we have signed the best wrestler that has ever lived, Bryan Danielson. We have signed CM Punk, Malakai Black, some amazing stars, but I don’t see it as competition. I know me. I know what I can do. I back myself and I want people to do well because the better they do, the harder I have got to work to get that opportunity. So I know what I have to do and no one can be me, so I back myself to the hill. But I would like more opportunities to show what I can do, but I am working hard and I am learning a lot.”

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