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AEW's Big Swole talks about how she got her name, being paralyzed for a week and almost dying

Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Big Swole is the guest on this week's episode of "AEW Unrestricted" with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards.

Here are highlights from the interview:

Big Swole was asked how she got her name: “Everything I do is swole. It’s big. It’s grand and then some. That’s basically in my faith, in my wrestling and everything I put my mind to, I give it 110%. That’s what being swole is all about. My name is a clear reminder of the mentality that is going to get me there. I always tell myself motivation is not going to get you there at all. Some days I’m not motivated. That’s where the discipline comes in. That’s where the mentality comes in as thinking someone else is going to be better and I won’t allow it.”

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Aubrey Edwards said Big Swole went through Crohn's in 2008, being dead on the table and being told she will never be active or have kids. She asked Swole to expound on other injuries and illness Swole had through the years: “I was 12 years old. I was outside. The old school houses used to have those metal posts for the gutters. I had my hand on the gutter and I had my mood ring on. Outside, I loved the rain. It came down. It went through and shocked the heck out of myself and I dropped. I always had bad incidents. I once got attacked by killer ants. The first day in our new house, my stepdad, he already had a house, I’m standing outside. This is my first time being on a lawn as before that we only had apartments. The red killer ants were running up my leg and I ended up locking myself out. I was banging on the door. They had to throw me in the tub. I had marks up and down my legs for weeks. So many things have happened. I was paralyzed once from the neck down for a full week. I was a goalie and it was my freshman year. This one girl couldn’t score at all. She comes up and checks me and I’m like, whatever, I’ll let it slide. I get the ball. She slides in and clips my face. The next time when she came in for the ball and I jumped up. My knee pops her and she drops down on the floor. My cleet stomps her and I thought that’s what you get. She didn’t like that at all. Literally, the next play that she had a chance, she pushed me into the goal post. My body wrapped around it and I flew. The next thing you know I was hanging upside down because my cleats stuck at the top of the goal post. I woke up the next day and I couldn’t move from the neck down. The doctors said it did something where it stiffed up everything. The lady said if you take another hit like that you will be paralyzed from the neck down forever. Later, I had a kid. Eight months later, I started training and started getting good and then my Crohn’s got active and I had to keep taking breaks. The breaks added up to maybe about 2 and a half or 3 years and I had only been wrestling about 6 years. There was this one time. I’ll never forget it. I got pneumonia. They thought it was pneumonia. They did this probe and they found out it was a cancer mass in your lung. I already had colon cancer before. They took samples and they sent it to the CDC and the Mayo Clinic and it came back negative. They didn’t know what it was at all. I was in the hospital. I was deteriorating and deteriorating. They said I was slowly dying and they didn’t know what to do. We can hold you off for some weeks until we find out what it is. Luckily, this one doctor came to the hospital I was at. She said she worked at the other Orlando Health and she came there today and said it was her off day but just wanted to come here. She said she is going to have me try 3 antibiotics. They started to work. They ended up naming the virus Nightmare Virus and I was the first patient zero and it went all the way up to North Carolina so I do apologize everybody for my bad immune system.” That was right before All Out so when I literally got out of the hospital, I was like, you need to get ready because you are about to have something. I trained and tried to gain muscle. I got into wrestling again and learned how to wrestle again for six months straight. This is my first full year of being healthy.”

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