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AEW's Jack Evans post video of incident with Mexican police, alleges they are trying to extort him again

Jack Evans (Twitter)/All Elite Wrestling

Jack Evans (Twitter)/All Elite Wrestling

AEW star Jack Evans posted a video on Twitter of an altercation with police in Mexico. Evans said, "they tried again" alluding to the police allegedly trying to extort him for money by claiming that he had drugs on him.

On December 8, Evans tweeted that he has had to pay 7000 pesos ($350 American) to police and that if he got arrested on drug charges, he wanted it to be known that the drugs were planted by Del Valle Police Department.

In the video below, Evans speaks in Spanish and says, "Again, the police is here to extort. I will not pay you nothing. Leave me in peace, leave me in peace. This is ridiculous. Police corruption. Leave me in peace..."

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A woman is heard speaking and Evans says he can't call the police because "these are the police." He spoke in Spanish again and noted that he was robbed by them before of 7000 pesos and he runs because of corruption before telling them to leave.