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AEW's Jake Atlas hoping to make a miracle happen in recovery from ACL surgery

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Jake Atlas joined AEW after taking a break from pro wrestling due to personal matters earlier this year.

He had a tryout match and was signed by the company following his appearance on Dark: Elevation. He would make his TV debut on January 5th and he went one-on-one with Adam Cole which was being taped for Rampage. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury in the match as he tore his ACL and underwent surgery.

Atlas was a guest on Highspots Wrestling Network’s most recent ‘Sign It Live’ and shared how he’s doing after getting the surgery.

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“Yeah, I mean five weeks removed [from surgery] and I’m doing pretty good.”

Atlas noted he didn’t know he tore the ACL that night, but did a couple of days after he flew home and couldn’t walk. He would later get an MRI done and that’s when the damage was revealed.

“So that is quite a bit of recovery time as a lot of people know. It’s like nine months. I’m trying my best to see if I can work, make a miracle happen.”

WWE released him in August along with several other wrestlers. Atlas previously confirmed that he asked for his WWE release prior to being let go.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription