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AEW’s Jeff Hardy has made a change to his Swanton Bomb finisher

Many of you might have noticed that Jeff Hardy has made a change to the way he hits the Swanton Bomb at the end of his matches.

As seen on last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Jeff now lands with his entire body on his opponent rather than having his back and spine hit the ring.

Matt Hardy noted on Twitter that this is by design and he’s doing it to protect himself. He tweeted, “The responses to this tweet were exactly what I was expecting. Jeff has finally starting protecting himself on his Swantons & I’m proud of him. If you know, you know.. I’ll leave it at that. Kayfabe lives!”

It’s no secret that Jeff has dealt with a litany of injuries throughout his career and the Swanton off the top does no favors for his back. Jeff actually started making changes to the Swanton in 2018 when he injured his shoulder and that’s when he started to think more about protecting himself. The altered version of the move has been referred to by Jeff as the “Crouton Bomb.”

The change is similar to what “Macho Man” Randy Savage did towards the end of his career. For most of his career, Savage would hit the elbow off the top rope and most of the impact would be on his legs and hip. He changed that towards the end of his run in WCW because of injuries.

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