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Jeff Hardy’s scheduled pre-trial hearing for his DUI-related charges in Florida on Thursday didn’t take place as scheduled.

According to court documents obtained by, his defense team filed for a continuance, with the pre-trial hearing now scheduled for December 21. The docs note that Hardy is required to appear before the court for the hearing. Hardy filed a written plea of not guilty with the court on June 28.

Hardy's attorneys previously waived his right to a speedy trial and requested a hearing originally scheduled for this past July be pushed back 60 days to assist in his defense. In October, the hearing was delayed following a last-minute motion from his attorney as they provided extensive mitigation materials to the counsel for the State and for both sides to negotiate a potential pretrial resolution.

If this resolution can be reached, then it would prevent a trial, and Hardy would make a plea agreement.

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Hardy was arrested this past June and charged with DUI (Alcohol or Drugs), third offense within ten years, driving while license canceled/suspended/revoked, and violation of restrictions placed on driver's license.

The primary charge under Florida law is a felony and is punishable up to five years in prison, should Hardy be convicted, while the others would fall under misdemeanors. He has pleaded not guilty.