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Ross was asked how he prepares for AEW broadcasts:

“Alex Marvez, who you see doing interviews for our shows from time to time, Alex compiles all the match notes. In other words, he'll do a one sheet featuring one match and he'll have the win loss records and the appropriate data, and so that's kind of where we get our jumpstart. Scheduling is tough. Excalibur is a real note taker and prepares really nicely. That's something I hope I shared with him the importance of doing. So at least, you try to help the younger guys and bring them forward. Alex Marvez is a major asset in what we do on the air, a major asset, because you got to have those notes. You got to have the data in front of you. He does it, like I said, on one sheet. It's easy to manage and it's easy to study. You might not use everything that he provides you because just too much sometimes, but it's all valuable. There's no bad information. Alex works very hard getting that done.”

Ross was asked to give his thoughts about the controversial angles in WWE during the attitude era”

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"I think you just got to use good common sense. I know that we had a string there in AEW where there was a lot of controversial language. I think you're gonna see less of that. It shows a lack of creativity if you can't come up with an adjective or an adverb that fits better than something that's a little coarse.”

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