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AEW’s Lance Archer: “I want to beat up Tim Tebow”

Lance Archer was interviewed on the Battleground podcast. Archer said he wants a match with Tim Tebow, who recently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Archer also talked about what it’s like working with and being mentored by Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Lance Archer talked about being mentored by Jake Roberts:

“Jake has been great, not only to me, but behind the scenes.  This goes back to behind the scenes, the things that people don’t see and recognize of what everybody is doing together to move forward.  Jake is one of those guys.  The wealth of knowledge that we have from Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Jerry Lynn, Billy Gunn, Dustin Rhodes.  I throw myself in that category to a small degree.  I’m coming up on 21 years in the business.  Even from the youngest talent that have a different grasp on society and life today, in 2021, it’s their era and their ability to go, ‘Hey, this is cool to us kids now’, and for us old fogies to go, ‘Ok, cool, I like that idea.  Thank you for giving me that thought.’  Everybody is helping everybody.

Jake is one of those guys that can take his wealth of knowledge that he’s had throughout the entire time of his career and help those guys and girls and then me directly.  I always say that it took me a while, but I finally figured out who the Murder Hawk Monster, Lance Archer, should have always been in the business of professional wrestling, from coming out to destroying some random cameraman when I was in Japan, blasting young lions, or whatever the case was, and then what I needed to do when I stepped into the ring.  I’m obviously going to still be able to learn from guys like Jake and Arn and whoever is going to be able to give me some advice, but I’m very confident in the Murder Hawk Monster when I step into the ring.

Where I needed the most help, and what Jake helped me the most with, were my promo skills.  I’ve been in Japan for nearly a decade, coming up on nine years.  All we ever did was post match promos, and I was just yelling and screaming and being in character and being a personality which is what translated to the Japanese people.  Most of them didn’t really understand what I was saying.  Half the time when they did some kind of translation, it was almost completely wrong.  They just felt the energy of the Murder Hawk Monster and they loved it.  Now I’m back in the States and the energy is there, but now you have to be able to speak to the people as well, so when you say something, they know what you’re saying.  If you fumble on your words and sound like an idiot, they’re going to call you on it.  Jake was very instrumental in helping me find my voice, find that voice of the Murder Hawk Monster, Lance Archer.  I’m not trying to be Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, but his feel, his cadence, his ability to express something through words, is something he helped me out on a tremendous level while finding how the Murder Hawk Monster would say it, what I would say, how I would say it, when I would say it, things of that nature.  I think that, for me, has been where he’s been the most value is the ability to grab a microphone, say what I need to say, and make people go, ‘Ok, now I’m listening.’”

Lance Archer was asked if he would like to square off with Tim Tebow:

“I actually hope so.  Yes, I want to beat up Tim Tebow, but I respect Tim Tebow because Tim Tebow, and we all have our faults.  I’m not saying he’s any kind of perfect person or human being, but man, that dude, he really knows how to take care of himself.  He really knows how to handle himself.  You want to talk about an amazing human being, that’s Tim Tebow.  I think he gets a lot of grief for his faith, and I have my faith, and I respect it.  I think anybody that truly searches who he is and what he does and what he’s done, even if you have any kind of trepidation to what you think of Tim Tebow, if you actually research Tim Tebow and find out what he has done, what he is doing, and what he will do, you can’t help but have respect for the man.  I have nothing but respect for him, but I’d like to get him in the ring and kick him in the teeth.”

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