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A few weeks after lashing out at WWE for running two shows on the same weekend as All Out, AEW President Tony Khan has fired a shot at the rival company while promoting Wednesday's Grand Slam in Queens, New York.

While speaking with News 12, Khan put over how the Northeast region of the United States is the real crown jewel of pro wrestling and not something held in Saudi Arabia.

WWE runs two events each year in Saudi Arabia as part of a partnership with their government and uses the Crown Jewel name for one of its events in the country. Their next show is set for early November.

"You’re right. We're running a lot of great shows around the Northeast. It's so many great wrestling markets in one geographic region. I'll say it [it’s] the crown jewel of wrestling markets…the real crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia. The real crown jewel, New York City, is where you want to be."

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Khan added, "Just New York City alone is a great market. It's surrounded by so many great markets that are within driving distance. There are so many great fans up here."

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

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