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Arn Anderson comments on his son Brock Anderson's debut on AEW Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

This week on "ARN" on, Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson continued to journey through Arn's early years in pro wrestling as "Marty Lunde."

The Enforcer talked about his run in Southeastern Championship Wrestling, cage matches, Johnny Rich, meeting his future wife, and more.

Arn also spoke about his son, Brock Anderson, debuting last week on AEW Dynamite:

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“I would be a liar if I just stuck out my chest and said, ‘He’s an Anderson. It’s business as usual.’ Well, that’s all bullsh**. I was a proud Papa. We spent that day, mostly separate. I didn’t want to be pounding any ideas into his head. I was nervous, and trying not to show it. If he was nervous, he wasn’t showing it to me or anybody else, and that’s what scared me.

I’m thinking, ‘Is he that confident in himself? What’s going on here? Or did he go blank?” That’s two different looks that look exactly the same. But no, he went out. I was very proud of him. That was his first legitimate match. He’s had some matches in training that were 6-8 minutes in front of no people in training school. Man, I tell you, he held his own, and I’m very proud of him. I think AEW is going to be a perfect fit for him, and he’s going to be allowed to make some mistakes which he’s going to make, but that’s how you learn. So, good news. It was a great week.”

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