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On the latest "ARN" podcast, Arn Anderson talked about AEW signing Renee Paquette:

“A genuinely nice person. I worked with her quite a bit in WWE for a long time and she’s just really a professional. She’s a pro. She’s a nice person. She is a great mom. I got to visit with the baby a little bit. What an acquisition she is for AEW. She’s going to do some great things with the company, I’m sure.”

Thoughts on Sting:

“I’ve always said Sting is a really good dude. He’s one of the honest guys in the business. He’s just a good human being. I got that feeling from him when I first met him, and I’ve maintained it all this time. I’ve worked for WCW for 12 years. A lot of people don’t realize that. That’s a long time. So I’ve seen every incarnation of Sting, and every opponent and challenge that he had, every injury he had, I was there for it, every lunge forward, and he became the face of that company for a long, long time. When you say WCW, you say that’s Sting, Luger, and The Steiners, and all these other guys, but Sting was the very first thing out of your mouth. We were all happy for him. We knew he was going to lead the company in the right direction. He looked great going to the Hollywood stuff he would do, appearances, and the different talk shows and all of that. He’s what you want to put forward. He’s your best foot forward. He looks like a star. He is a star.”

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