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Arn Anderson explains how he got into AEW, why he will never write a book with dirt on WWE

The latest episode of the “Arn” podcast is an “Ask Arn Anything” episode.

Arn Anderson talks about Bojangles, hating on cheese, Andre The Giant, heat between Scott Steiner and Ric Flair and much more.

Here are a couple of highlights from the podcast:

Arn was asked if he would consider writing a second book:  “No, and I’ll tell you why.  When I signed my agreement, when I left, the non compete or whatever it was called and got my severance package, one of the no no’s was that I would not write a tell all book.  So, if I was going to write a book, it would have to be one that I would cover all the dirt and tell all the stories.  The fact that I signed that document said I couldn’t write it.  If I was going to write it, it would be jaws dragging the ground for the rest of the century.  The stuff I’ve seen and the stuff I’ve heard is unbelievable.  I’m just not legally in a position to put it in book form or even talk about it.  That’s stuff I will keep to myself and it will go into the urn with me and the ashes.”

Arn talked about his entry into AEW:  “Cody got a hold of me.  I was going to wander off into doing personal appearances and comic cons and have Tony Hunter book me around the world for however long I felt I wanted to do anything and then go home and hang out.  He (Cody) got a hold of me and said we got some exciting stuff going on here.  I would love for you to be a part of it.  I think you can bring a lot to the table.  It’s going to be a different concept.  You would be with me as my head coach.  I had to think about that for a second, just going through history and history I had with the family.  I was always the antagonist to his brother and his father.  I thought that’s an interesting concept.  I would like to apply myself and get creative again and see if we can make this work.  I met Tony and the guys and everybody that worked there.  It was such a great group of people.  Everyone was walking around smiling, happy, thankful and having a good time.  It was like the old days.  I thought I would love to do this for a while yet.  As long as I’m able to contribute and earn my way, then I would love to give it a try.  Things evolved the way they did and I’m proud to say I will be with them for a while yet to come.”

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