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Arn Anderson on WWE video zooming, which wrestlers are students of the game right now, thoughts on Will Hobbs, Ric Flair going to WWF in 1988

Arn Anderson answered fan questions this week on an “Ask Arn Anything” episode of Arn talked about the current wrestling landscape and he talked about the Old Age Outlaws, Uncensored 1996, Chick Donovan, the worst wrestling promoters and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Arn was asked what he thinks of WWE video zooming in on every hit and the shaking of the camera and the many camera cuts:  “Some stuff is better left to where it was. I get the concept of giving you the grittier, I’m in the ring type that makes the fan feel like he’s in there in the middle of all the fighting. Let’s face it. Some stuff needs to be protected and doesn’t need to be zoomed in on. That would be the downside to that. Some guys just aren’t good and some women just aren’t good. You want to pull back and protect them with camera shots and you don’t want to zoom in to let you know just how rotten they really are.”

Who do you feel are students of the game right now:  “I would say Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley), Dolph Ziggler and I’m a big fan of SCU right now. Two of them are veterans, Frankie and Daniels. The other kid has a huge upside waiting for him in this business, Scorpio. Gosh those guys are talented and what a great team. I think probably heading the list again, and people will get tired of me saying this, but I don’t know of any two bigger students of the business than The Revival, ex Revival, FTR. FTR are two guys that are constantly looking at tape, constantly talking about concepts, picking my brain, picking Tully’s brain, God knows how many other people, but they do their homework and you’re going to see it in the matches going forward, that’s for sure.”

Arn gave his thoughts on Will Hobbs: “I have nothing but time for that man. He came up to me on his first day there. He’s friends with Big Zeik, Ezekiel (former WWE star Ezekiel Jackson). They are friends and he said Zeik sent you a message and all that and we started talking. The kid has a great attitude and he is a big dude as well. He moves well and is powerful. He’s going to have a good career. I think they like him at AEW. He did sign, I believe. He has a very huge upside. He’s a good man from what I can tell. He is very respectful of the business and has been very respectful to me. I will help him anyway I can.”

Arn was asked if Ric Flair would have gone to WWE in 1988 coupled with the fact that Arn, Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon were all there by 1989, would Vince McMahon consider using them as the Horseman:  “Never. He would have never used us in our entirety. It wasn’t his creation. He always liked to bring guys in that hadn’t been used at all somewhere else but had talent and put a different coat of paint on them and make them someone else and give them a character so they were now his creation. If you went totally with that flow, you would be ok because then you became a WWE guy. We could never, if we walked in that door with that gimmick in its entirety, I mean the heat would have been incredible in the locker room, but once the houses would jump as I knew they would, he would never have used us the way we should be used because he couldn’t take credit for creating us.  He would have never pushed us the way we should have been pushed. It’s just one of those things he never would have agreed to do in a thousand years.”

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