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Aubrey Edwards reveals that both Chris Jericho and “Hangman” Adam Page requested her for their title match

AEW’s Aubrey Edwards appeared on today’s “Busted Open Radio” to discuss what her other backstage duties for AEW entail, and what she feels her biggest moment has been so far with the company.

Aubrey Edwards was asked what other jobs she does for AEW besides being a referee:

“I am a co-host with Tony Schiavone of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, which is our official podcast for All Elite Wrestling. There are new episodes every Thursday, and the video version comes out on Monday on TNT’s YouTube channel,” Edwards said.

“I also work very closely in our video game division. I’ve been heading up development for Elite General Manager, which is our mobile game that was released last year. So that’s sort of where I get to still do that old dream job as well as this one.”

“I’m also recently what we call a co-queen. Leva and I are heading up Heels which is an organization that Brandi Rhodes started prior to her departure from AEW. It’s a female focus fan group for wrestling fans. It allows them to come together and we do monthly meetups over Zoom where we give them unprecedented access to talent. We’ll do Q&A. We’ll do costume parties. We will bring in experts outside of the industry to talk about things like mental health and physical fitness and general organization. We’ll have makeup tutorials. We’ll highlight all of the different people behind the scenes at AEW, and that’s something that’s really been my focus in more recent weeks,” she continued.

Aubrey was asked what she feels her biggest moment has been so far in AEW:

“I think the biggest moment for me was when I found out I was going to be doing the first ever title match between Hangman and Jericho,” Aubrey revealed.

“Finding out I was doing it, I was literally two years into the industry at that point. I wasn’t even signed to AEW full time. I only had like a per show deal. So the fact that they were trusting me with this thing, and it’s Jericho, like it’s friggin Chris Jericho, like this is insane. But hearing that he had requested me and Hangman had requested me for this match, like, that’s nerve wracking as hell. Because now it’s like okay, well why do they want me in this match? Oh, crap. So that to me, personally, I think was like the biggest moment in my career.”

“I will always remember it as the biggest thing because it sort of made me. Then in the match is that really memorable moment of Jericho getting in my face and me pushing back at him. We had talked about that ahead of time. That’s honestly one of the things that really, I don’t know if you want to say like, made me. Like that’s the thing that really made people know who I was, that my character is very strong. I don’t stand down to anybody. It doesn’t matter who they are or how much experience they have or if they’re a man or a woman. I take my job seriously and don’t get in my face, type of thing.”

“So, personally and professionally, I think that’s really like the moment that stands out most to me.”

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