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On today's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melter was asked by Garrett Gonzales what the deal was with Dax Harwood's tweet.

For those of you that missed it, Harwood took issue with Meltzer shooting down the theory that Matt and Nick Jackson had something to do with the FTR vs. Young Bucks not happening at the next pay-per-view. Meltzer also referenced Alex Jones conspiracies, in an apparent reference to Jim Cornette because Cornette and Brian Last have alluded to backstage politics by The Young Bucks affecting FTR's AEW run. You can read what Meltzer and Harwood said on Friday by clicking here.

On WOR, Meltzer said that the reason why FTR vs. Young Bucks not happening at All Out has more to do with Kenny Omega's return and nothing to do with backstage politics.

He said, "It's a long story, but I mean, basically, here's here's the story, okay. FTR at one point were told that at the Chicago pay-per-view that it was going to be Young Bucks against them for all the belts. I expected that match. I thought that was the match to make. And obviously, the powers that be thought that they had been sitting on this Kenny Omega return and Trios belts and Adam page return forever and ever. And they were waiting for Kenny Omega to return to bring these Trios belts in. And now Kenny Omega is ready to return. So in that sense that usurped whatever the plan was, The Young Bucks were never supposed to get those belts anyway. That was supposed to be the Hardys. But they really wanted that match, and I wanted that match, and I wished the match happened, but you got to go with what you think is the bigger business. You can always do that match...Bringing back Kenny Omega for this pay-per-view and putting the Adam Page thing back together is something that they hope will build their business up, especially for this pay-per-view show."

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Meltzer also believes that some of what Dax has said is to stir interest for their feud with The Young Bucks but he added that maybe AEW should have done The Bucks vs. FTR match first before moving The Bucks into the Trios feud that will eventually involve Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. 

He said, "But if they think it does stir interest, you know, go stir interest. All this is obviously meant to stir and the match is going to happen anyway at some point. They have a date for it. It's just not for a couple of months. But yea, they really did want that match for the belts. From their perspective, I almost wish that they did it, and then went to the Trios thing for November because the Young Bucks lost the belts, which they weren't gonna have anyway. But the point is that when they did accidentally win those belts due to Jeff Hardy, it did create this situation with this Ultimo Dragon (belt collector) historical thing where you've got this one team with three belts, but they don't have the big belt, and they've got the other team with the big belt. And you can argue that these are the two best tag teams of the last however many years. I mean, they're just frickin awesome teams. And they're one and one. And you could say like, this is the biggest historical match..."

On what is next for FTR, Meltzer said, "I don't know if FTR is wrestling Strickland and Lee in Chicago. I think they should. I think they should beat Strickland and Lee which is still a babyface vs. babyface match. And I think that The Young Bucks (vs. FTR) match should be for all the marbles and be built up in that way ... for November or February or whenever they get to it. I think that match is right there and they'll promote it however they want. And you know, that's the situation but I do think that from a timing standpoint, Chicago would have been good but I get why they went the other way. I think they really want Kenny Omega back and they don't I want Kenny Omega back with nothing to do, you know what I mean? And I think they want him back for that Trios thing. So that usurped the other thing. So that's the deal. And yeah, so he was mad at me. Do I think this is all politically motivated to hold those guys down? No, because I understand the whole situation. I don't think it was. "

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