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Backstage heat on Joey Janela for hurting AEW wrestlers during matches

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

As noted earlier, Joey Janela said during his interview with Denise Salcedo that he believed that there was heat on him for breaking Eddie Kingston's orbital bone during a match. '

Janela said that he believed that there were plans for him and it was hard to shake the reputation of being labeled as a dangerous wrestler. Janela also hinted that there may have been issues with Christopher Daniels.

PWInsider confirmed that there was indeed a lot of heat on him for the Kingston injury because it changed weeks worth of TV plans. The injury forced them to delay Kingston's feud with Chris Jericho.

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PWI added that there is an internal belief that several talents were hurt while working with Janela in the ring. Janela hasn't been brought in to shows since the Charlotte taping and the expectation is that AEW will let his contract expire in late April.

Janela said during the interview that he was choosing not to re-sign but the reality is that AEW was likely not looking to keep him.

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