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Backstage issues with MJF-AEW are real, he has reportedly isolated himself from locker room

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

For anyone who thinks that MJF no showing a meet and greet today is part of his heel schtick, that is not the case and there are other issues going on behind the scenes.

As reported earlier, security told fans at today's Double Or Nothing Fan Fest that MJF was not answering his phone. Fans in attendance were offered a spot in a different wrestler line and some received refunds. PWInsider reports that the promotion was not able to get in contact with him. A fan on Twitter claimed that she saw him in the casino.

PWInsider added that there has been a feeling backstage that MJF and AEW are not on the same page and he has been keeping more to himself behind the scenes. MJF has stated publicly that his AEW contract runs out on January 1, 2024, and he plans on seeing what both companies offer him when his deal runs out. PWInsider reports that he has not been receptive to sitting down and talking and there's been a feeling that he's been disrespectful to Tony Khan.

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In fact, MJF quote tweeted something that Khan said about blending reality and having things carry over on-screen. MJF tweeted and deleted this: "F**king lol. F**k this place man."

In recent interviews, MJF said that he still keeps in contact with Cody Rhodes and has spoken with Paul Heyman via text. He has also stated that he is still friends with Bruce Prichard. They know each other from their days in MLW. MJF has also talked about being unhappy about the ex-WWE wrestlers coming in and making more money than him.

It's no secret that MJF grew up a WWE fan and he's had aspirations of working there and becoming a top star. Several years ago, he tried out for Tough Enough but was not selected for the show.

It appears that a lot, if not all, of what he's been saying in the media in recent weeks is legitimate. MJF is scheduled to wrestle Wardlow tomorrow night at AEW Double Or Nothing.