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Billy Corgan says Impact Wrestling stole talent from him, Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Aldis III is possible if Tony Khan calls him

Billy Corgan NWA

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast welcomed NWA owner Billy Corgan as the guest this week.

Corgan was on to promote NWA's "When Our Shadows Fall" pay-per-view that airs this Sunday on FITE TV. Corgan discussed the NWA, the current wrestling landscape, old school NWA, Harley Race, Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch, NWA's relationship with AEW, Tony Khan, TNA/Impact, and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Corgan said there is a lack of credibility in some of today’s matchups with some of the smaller wrestlers:

“One thing I always like to point out is one of the greatest matches I ever saw was Rey Mysterio against The Undertaker. The whole dynamics of the match was predicated on the fact that Rey had to chop down this unstoppable force, but it had to do with Rey’s speed and agility and his innovative offense. It wasn’t just because he did something well. The story in that narrative is what I like to key it on. You see it now where promotions have champions that are 5’9”. That is their world champion. I’m sorry, I think it’s a very difficult thing to ask the public on some level beyond what I call the wrestling bubble. There’s no doubt that some of the people working right now are some of the most talented people to ever work in the ring. You and I are talking about the dynamics of what’s called the laws of gravity within the bubble that we’re in. I think one thing that’s difficult is trying to convince people outside the wrestling bubble, people like you and I that really follow the business, why it’s valuable and why it’s important. When they tune in and they don’t see that, the law of gravity, I think it makes it very hard for a mainstream or a general fan, or even a lapsed old school fan, to really engage with the product on a deeper level because they are being asked to suspend a disbelief beyond this particular point.”

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Corgan said this is one of the reasons why he has brought bigger wrestlers into the NWA:

“Look who’s working with the NWA right now. Chris Adonis, Thom Latimar, Trevor Murdoch, Nick Aldis, Mike Parrow, Crimson, Jax Dane, Tim Storm, Fred Rosser, Tyrus, these are all big guys. I’m sorry, that just comes through the screen like gangbusters to me. That’s what the NWA is. I always like to say when I was a kid and went to the circus, I went to see the elephants. When you take the elephants out of the circus, the circus dies. I think it’s the same with wrestling. We are the circus with the elephants. Conversely, because I think it’s important, one of our top female talents is Kamille, who’s about 5’10’ or 5’11”, just absolutely jacked, but then when you see her in the ring against Thunder Rosa, who is really an elite professional wrestler, that’s the dynamic. So even though Thunder Rosa is 5’4”, she has great power, great striking, great agility, and that’s the story. So, if we don’t have size, we want top line agility. That’s not to say people with size don’t have agility, obviously a Nick Aldis is the full package, but, that’s the stories that we want to tell.”

Corgan talking about his relationship with Tony Khan:

“I met Tony. He had come to one of my shows with a mutual friend, Chris Nowinski. We met back then socially. Then when Tony looked like he was lining up to launch what is now AEW, we had a conversation then to see where he was going and where I was going. We stayed in touch. We built a business relationship on top of that. He’s been a great business partner. I can’t say enough good things about him as to how he’s been in terms of the business side. Having the NWA Women’s Title on AEW television has been super valuable to us. Tony kept the name of the brand up when we had to shut down for a while due to the pandemic. Tony allowing his talent to wrestle on NWA Television was huge. Tony helped bring Thunder Rosa to national and international prominence as she should. She’s an incredibly talented person. That’s been a cool relationship I think for everybody involved.”

Corgan was asked if he would like to have the NWA work more often with AEW:

“I’m open to all that stuff. It’s like, where do you want it to go? Right now, the NWA is in a position where we’re just building back up. I totally appreciate those opportunities, but we’re not really geared in that way. If you saw some of the comments that Chris Jericho had about AEW working with Impact, who I’m publicly no fan of because of my dealings with them, including them stealing a former talent from us, not to mention what went on with Dixie Carter, Jericho completely buried the situation with Impact because he basically was talking about the disparity in power and star attraction. Now, there’s plenty of talented people at Impact, not to denigrate them and I’ve worked with some of them, especially people in Decay, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve. So no mark on the talent, but look, you’re not an equal in the situation. So you’re put in a situation where you’re trying to convince another fan base to believe in some form of equity. It’s always a bit long key. I think under the right circumstances, like the Serena dynamic being the holder of the title, Thunder Rosa is an NWA talent working for AEW with great regularity, that’s a nice balance. It’s balanced out by a couple of forces. If Tony calls and wants to do Cody-Nick Aldis III, yeah, I’m all over it. Some of the traditional ways that people work together, invasion angles and stuff like that, I don’t think that’s a good fit for either one of us. Tony has more talent than he knows what to do with. He doesn’t need our talent too.”

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