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In an exclusive for, Steve Fall's Ten Count spoke with Bobby Fish. 

Bobby Fish talked about winning his boxing debut that was held in Dubai for the Global Titans promotion on November 13th:

"Well, I have a martial arts background from when I was kid, and I have had three amateur kickboxing fights and kickboxing is something I'm very comfortable with. This happened to be just boxing. So it was my boxing fight. Boxing and kickboxing, although the layman might look at it and be like 'Oh, well you just take kicks away', but it's very nuanced in that way. That's where the differences are stark contrast for sure. So there was some work that needed to go into this camp that was different than what would have been prior experience just to, you know, not not completely redirect, but change some habitual behavior, you know, just some things that are different with kickboxing and boxing”

Fish on challenging Punk to a fight a few months ago:

"Punk is not a blip on my radar. He doesn't exist for me."

Fish talking about Sammy Guevara doing some commentating for the Global Titans show:

"We saw each other in the hotel. His wife was with him, so my wife met his wife. It was nice to see Sammy. It's been a while because I don't work there anymore. But yeah, it's always good to see old friends."

On his decision to take the side of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega over CM Punk:

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"Those are guys that I worked with for years in Japan. We've always been good friends. I've heard from all of the parties mentioned between all of this, some as recently as a couple of days ago, and, you know, those are guys that I do I stay in contact with. I wish them well. I want nothing but success for those guys and I would think it's the same sentiment coming back to me. They are my friends and like, yeah, I mean, you know, that's what friends do. You're not gonna let people mess with your friends."

On if he knows the status of Adam’s Cole’s injury:

"You know, our business is a rough business, but it's the only contact sport really with no off season. You know, even like MMA and stuff. You know, guys will train for a fight camp, have the fight, and then they're off for a bit, and like, sometimes people I think lose their minds when it comes to a guy stepping away for a little bit. Sometimes it's injury related and sometimes it's not as injury related as people think. I just think the appetite that the wrestling audience has to know everything, it just gets bizarre sometimes. I mean, sometimes like, you know, people need to be human beings because at the end, none of us are performers 24/7. So, yeah, when people need to go away, give them their space. Give them some time. You know, they'll be back."

On if he will fight in Global Titans again:

"I have a two-fight deal with Global Titans. So the second one, we're trying to do kick boxing or MMA. That would be my preference. It's what my preference was up front as well, but they came to me with the offer and it was boxing. So in an effort to not rock the boat, you know, you go along to get along and I said, 'Yeah, I can box.' So this next one, I would really like for it to be kickboxing or MMA, but we're still working out those details."

Bobby Fish recently showed up in Impact Wrestling. He was asked if that was going to continue:

"I've had numerous conversations with them and we've explored different options and there's potential all the way across the board. At the moment, I will say that on paper, I'm a free agent. You, as the audience, don't know where I'm going to turn up because I'll be honest, I don't know where I'm gonna turn up."

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