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Booker T compares MJF's contract to AJ Styles/Samoa Joe's TNA contracts: "You're not getting treated like one of the four pillars"

This week, during "The Hall of Fame Podcast," Booker T addressed the MJF and AEW controversy.

"I don't know if this is a work or a shoot," Booker said.

"One thing about it, if they are working us, it's a good work. It seems authentic. It seems like it has a real feel to it. That's why I feel like wrestling still can be that deal that makes people come out to see it because they don't know all the outcome. They still want to know how this thing is going to play out? They want that thriller ending."

"I think in wrestling now with social media being used the way it's been used as of late, it hasn't done wrestling a service at all. But for something like this, to really make something like this really feel real to where MJF almost no-showed one of the biggest events of the year because of something going on between him and Tony Khan and the company and whatnot."

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"For me, it's believable, because when I went to TNA, a lot of those guys went there and made a boatload of money off of TNA. Then you had those originals there like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and those guys would get the crumbs and those were the guys who were the backbone of that company."

"To hear the company praise you as one of the four pillars, and then you're not getting treated like one of the four pillars, it can make you feel a certain way from a realistic perspective. So I can buy this. No pun intended, but I'm all in."

You can view Booker T's entire comments on the MJF and AEW controversy below.

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